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Create your own custom worlds easily in any genre or setting online for use at the tabletop!

Play for free as long as you want! Take your time to see just how flexible the Atomic RPG is with it's combination of digital tools, balanced rules, and ease of play.
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Tired of swapping between game systems, not being able to play your favorite lore, or just having to buy too many books just to "stay up to date"?
Frustrated with games that have unbalanced and inconsistent characters, monsters, and powers/abilities?
Sick of being shoehorned into a character? Where the book tells you who, what, how, why, the character is without the flexibility to allow you to play what you want?

We were too. That's why we created a fully customizable RPG system to create whatever you want.

Streamlined Rules

Game rules are written in a way to cover a broad group topics so they can be applied to any situation you can imagine. Why use 200 words when 50 will do it.

Balanced Gameplay

The foundation of the Atomic RPG System is based off years of game tested mathematics to insure no character is more powerful then another just because of their choices.

Digital Tools

The Atomic RPG System is all online. This allows you to store all of your characters easily along side the rules. These integrate with our many generators and other tools.

Play the Atomic RPG System now for free as long as you want!

Free Atomic RPG System accounts do not expire. They ARE NOT a trial. Enjoy it for as long as you would like!

What sets the Atomic RPG System apart from other RPGs?

Roleplay Freedom

At it's core the Atomic RPG System splits game mechanics and roleplay. This means the numbers remain balanced but the player is able to roleplay their actions and character however they want and are not bound by specific game expectations.

Fast Gameplay

The Atomic RPG System is specifically designed to keep gameplay fast paced and exciting. Players are able to take their action and move onto the next person quickly. This keeps everyone engaged in the action and excitement of the game!

Everyone Plays

The Atomic RPG System focuses on flexibility and inclusiveness at all times. Specialist characters might be better at a specific thing but all players are involved in all activities of the game. This helps to encourage all members of the group and strengthens the group as a whole.

The Atomic RPG System lets you play any genre, lore, or time period. Anything.

The Atomic RPG System is not a setting. It is a set of online rules and tools that allows anyone to create whatever they want. Not sure what to create? No problem, players just like you are creating and publishing content that anyone can use in their own games!
Create Anything

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What do players and game masters have to say about the Atomic RPG?

"This game was super easy to learn and fun to run. It worked great for my super hero campaign. The players loved that they could come up with the craziest fun descriptions for their super powers and still have balanced fun battles."
Ryan J
Game Master
"I love playing the Atomic RPG System. I can play our D&D style fantasy game on Friday with my friends. During the weekend I can play the game my kid is running where we are all cats. Then if I get a wild hair we can play some Supernatural monster hunting one shots!"
Valerie W
Player and Mom of GMs
"Not only can I run any genre I want, I can run any type of game I want with the Atomic RPG System. I ran an awesome Steampunk style campaign where some nights we just did roleplay. Other nights it was just skills. Then of course battle royals. Whatever I wanted, it provided."
Bill T
GM and PC

With the Atomic RPG System you get a fast, easy, balanced game that lets you play anything you want. Fantasy - Sci Fi - Modern - Steampunk - Westerns - Cyberpunk Anything.

There's no reason not to give it a try. We know how well the Atomic RPG System works. We have been playing it for over a decade. Free yourself to play anything you can image with your friends. It is so fun to easily play a game based off your favorite TV show, book, movie, video game, or whatever else you choose.
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