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Character Trait:

In the Atomic Role Play Game a character’s Spirit Trait represents their personality and social presence. It is similar to Charisma in Dungeons and Dragons. Spirit is one of the three main Traits that will make up your Atomic RPG System character’s foundation. Body and Mind are the other two core Character Traits. Character Traits affect many different aspects of a Atomic RPG System character.

These are automatically calculated in the Atomic RPG System character sheet.

However, it is a boon to Atomic RPG System players to know what they affect.

Specific Character Aspects Affected By the Spirit Trait

The Spirit Trait specifically represents your character’s social abilities, which are based off the Spirit Trait. The Spirit Trait is the main Trait for Generalists and should be the highest of the three character Traits.

Role Playing a Character's Spirit Trait

When you begin to build a Atomic RPG System character, remember the flexibility that makes Atomic so different from other RPGs. Traditionally a high score on a character sheet means that character is always better than other characters.

In Dungeons and Dragons, someone with a high Charisma was very charming and more pleasant than everyone else. In the Atomic RPG System, the numbers are separated from the character role play. Players are certainly welcome to play a character with a high Spirit Trait as being super nice and friendly. In the Atomic RPG System a character sheet can have high scores but not necessarily be the life of the party. Perhaps a character is rude and foul, able to get under someone’s skin easily affecting others due to a high Spirit Attack. Perhaps your high Spirit Trait character is shy and reserved but excellent at understanding and observing the people around them. Or maybe it is just the opposite and the character is rude, abrasive, and doesn’t care about others. This might grant them a high Spirit Defense because they just don’t care.

In fact, in the Atomic RPG System, we encourage players to play characters which were never before possible. This is the core philosophy of the Atomic RPG System:  to separate the numbers from the role play. It is fundamental in making a better RPG. It gives the players the freedom to play a character they want to play rather than a character they have to mold to a specific type. This grants players a nearly infinite amount of possibilities of how and why a character has the Trait score that they do.

Keeping this core Atomic RPG System philosophy in mind, here are just a few different ideas a player could use to apply to a high Spirit Trait.

Any of these could explain a high Spirit Trait and why these characters would have high Spirit Defenses, Spirit Attacks, and otherwise have a little something extra when it comes to the Spirit Trait numbers.

So set your personality free in order to find the perfect set of character role play elements that will bring your character and their high Spirit Trait to life!