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Disposable Items

Disposable Items are excellent tools for players to use in a wide variety of situations. In the Atomic RPG System, they can be used for healing or to grant bonuses. Disposable Items can also be used against enemies in forms of a poison or a grenade.

Disposable Items are used temporary and usually instantaneous, and can have a great number of effects.

Some Disposable Items are used once and then are useless. Potions, medical kits, grenades, and food or drink that grant a player a bonus are examples of these.

Items with a limited number of uses, like wands or medical stimulant packs are also considered Disposable. These items may have 5, 10, or more uses and then they become useless. If this is the case, increase the quantity of the item you have by the number of uses. Then, simply reduce the quantity as you use the Disposable Item.

Defensive Disposable Items

Using a Disposable Item defensively means that the player is using it on themselves or an ally. No Attack roll is needed.

This requires the use of a Move Action by the character.

Examples of Defensive Disposable Items are potions of healing or medicinal enhancements.

Offensive Disposable Items

Using a Disposable Item offensively means that the player is using it on or against an enemy or an unwilling target. An Attack Roll is needed in this case. Whatever Power is on the Disposable Item is the Defense that must be rolled against.

Using an Offensive Disposable Item requires the use of an Action.

Examples of Offensive Disposable Items are poisons or grenades.

Disposable Item Quick Tips


Potions and other disposable items have a long and and interesting history in many different genres and RPG games, including the Atomic RPG System!

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