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What Character to Play

Developing a unique and interesting identity and personality for your character is the most important part of character creation. Old RPG’s like Dungeons & Dragons make it far more important to learn about what is possible to play before you decide what to play. The Atomic RPG System system is so customizable that players will be able to create any character that they can think of. This is why the Atomic RPG System flips around the old way of character creation. In the Atomic RPG System you can play anything. So think of whatever awesome hero you want to play. Then you will be able to easily create that amazing character you have always wanted to play!

Character Creation for the Atomic RPG System System

The Atomic RPG System allows a player to focus on the fun part of character creation: personality, backstory, motivations, hopes and fears…these are all more important than character stats, Archtypes, Disciplines, Specialties or Skills. Atomic RPG System players have the flexibility to create a character as little or as much as the story and preference allow. Some players come to the game with an entire character ready to play, complete with stories about scars and a regional accent, while some build a basic character concept and enjoy allowing their character to grow and blossom during the course of the campaign. The Atomic RPG System accommodates both styles, and everything in between. If you find your concept is not going the way you had hoped, leveling and editing can steer the character in a different direction, with no need to abandon the character completely and start over. The point is to be able to immerse yourself in that persona, allowing role players to become a real and tangible member of the group, the world, and the Atomic RPG System game. Characters are the heart of the Atomic RPG System. A player will know they’ve developed enough of a character when creation, leveling, or role play decisions become obvious. One player may be able to easily determine the decisions his machete-wielding tough guy will make with little detail. The player who is a fan of books about a powerful fictional genius female wizard who is always helping “the chosen one” get out of jams may want to create that character as a high level character who has graduated wizard college and wants to start an Earthly Magical Defense Network. In this case, the character will have lots of detail, and the player will likely know exactly how her character will react. Either of these levels of detail are sufficient to create a Atomic RPG System character.

Create Fun and Interesting Characters

Creating the most powerful character, trying to find loopholes in the rules, or making a character simply to vex the GM ultimately defeats the whole purpose of the game. An interesting character, even if they are the weakest character with the lowest amount of hit points, is a better addition to a good game than a character made only to maximize scores, but with no real personality. Besides, no matter what you create, the Atomic RPG System scales to your stats--the game is always fluid. If you create a warrior with 500 Hit Points and a Body Defense of 50, the Game Master will create a bad guy with 550 Hit Points and an Body Defense of 52. If you create a warrior with 18 Hit Points and a Body Defense of 6, then you will fight a bad guy with 20 Hit Points and a Body Defense of 7. The GM’s job is to give you a challenge, regardless of your stats.


So many old RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons do not have truly mathematically balanced systems. Dungeons & Dragons balances their system anecdotally or situationally, and by inserting mountains of “side” rules in an attempt to keep things balanced. This makes players worry about how their overall strength compares to other characters. In the Atomic RPG System no matter what character you make, the base character will be equally as strong as everyone else, so players can make character choices that fit the character versus making “the most powerful” choice.

If you are new to RPG’s, much of the comparison above may not make sense, and you can celebrate the fact that you don’t have this baggage to un-learn! The comparison exists to illustrate how the Atomic RPG System works from the very beginning to create a fun, fast, and flexible RPG. Toss the RPG gamer baggage away and jump into the Atomic RPG System system to elevate your RPG gaming experience to the next level!

Awesome Atomic RPG System Characters

All The Time

We remember those characters that we really know in a RPG game. These characters are always more powerful overall, more influential and more importantly the most fun to play and interact with. These are the characters that become heroes of legendary campaigns we remember and love.

Creating fun and interesting characters in the Atomic RPG System often comes down to allowing the character some flaws or disadvantages: A clumsy thief with a fear of heights, who refuses to give up his trade because it’s the family business; an orphaned wizard who is afraid of fire; an imposing sniper who is terrified of bugs; a bard who gets cranky when she runs out of peanuts; or a veteran Marine who can’t handle the sight of dead things anymore. Playing a character with some weaknesses provides more in-game role play opportunities and gives your fellow party members a sense of being needed. Atomic RPG System players will find that a party with obvious weaknesses is actually stronger, since the characters not only want to work together, they need to work together. What sets a good Atomic RPG System character apart from the scaling numbers is the fun, good personality of a truly rich and developed character. It is about bringing an interesting and fun identity to the group, and to the game world.

Let’s Get Started Building an Atomic RPG System Character

Before you get into the meat of your character’s Archtype concept, Character Style, Character Focus and Character Disciplines, make sure you take a few moments to figure out who your character is first!

The first half of a Atomic RPG System Character is role play.  You’ll need a basic description so you can do introductions in your group: name, hair color, eye color, height, weight, build, clothing. Past the basics is information that helps determine your actions or your reactions include the character’s backstory: hometown, the character’s family, motivations in life and adventuring, and the character’s personality. Players can have very little detail, but the more role play details they know, the easier the character-building decisions.

The second half of a Atomic RPG System Character are the stats that determine mathematically a character’s strengths and weaknesses. The Atomic RPG System is mathematically balanced across its game rules. This means that every character at the table is going to have the same overall character strength. What distinguishes characters and the Atomic RPG System is where they assign these strengths. This is why role play is so important. It helps you choose appropriate places to assign your character’s strengths.

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It’s time to start building your first awesome Atomic RPG System character!

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