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Atomic RPG System Character Style:

In the Atomic RPG System, all characters will choose a Character Style. A character’s Style is similar to alignments in Dungeons and Dragons in the sense that it should help guide a player on how they can play their character. However, Character Style differs as it is not as limiting to role play as alignment. A player is allowed to deviate from this “overall attitude” of a character.

Players that choose a Protector Character Style should do so because their character will protect friends and allies first, even above themselves.

Protector Style characters will almost never attack an enemy first. They may seek out a solution without battle, but will rarely initiate it when it does happen. Protector Style characters will often be bound by honor or loyalty to their allies. Protector characters often look at a bigger picture than their own situation. When speaking in Dungeons and Dragons terms, a Protector Style character in Atomic would fit under the Lawful and Good alignment for Dungeons and Dragons.

Since Protector Characters do whatever they can to protect their allies, they have naturally good Defenses themselves. Protector Style Characters will have their Character Tier added to all of their Defenses as a Build Bonus.

Protector Style Game Mechanic Benefits

Protector Characters do not usually have a preference when it comes to having either Offensive Powers or Defensive Powers. Their Powers are often focused on helping their allies through increasing their abilities and healing them, although Protectors can easily be focused on Offense, brutally attacking enemies that dare harm their allies.

Traditional character types that would be considered to have Protector Character Styles might include knights, paladins, clerics, priests, heavy engineers, medics, and any other character that wants to be very good at character Defenses.


Gains Bonus to Attacks
A character that often goes on the offensive attacking and hurting others.


Gains Bonus to Skills
A character who's focus lays outside of combat on skills.

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