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Quick Start Guide

AtomicRPG.com Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will help you get started playing the Atomic RPG System.

Do you want to jump right in and start playing now?

No problem! Open up the Atomic RPG System Instant Play Quest and start playing immediately!

Or keep reading below to find links to more information in this Quick Start Guide.

Step 1: Find Information About The Atomic RPG System

The Atomic RPG System website is designed like many RPG books. The main menu can be treated as a table of contents, and then follow the menu from left to right, first to last chapter.

Why Atomic RPG System [Menu Item]

Explains the Atomic RPG System and how it to play.

• High Level Summary of Atomic RPG System Game Mechanics

What to Play [Menu Item]

Explains in detail each piece of a character and what it means as a whole.

• Example Character Designs – Lists many common RPG characters and how a player might make them in the Atomic RPG System.

Video Tutorials on YouTube

We have created a number of video tutorials to help members get started.

• Atomic RPG System Core Mechanics & Rules

• Gameplay Ideas and Techniques from a Players Perspective

Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date on new videos. Let us know if you want more!

Step 2: Finding or Creating Game Content

AtomicRPG.com already has many player characters, monsters, items, and Powers available. Use the search tools to find what you want! Search tools are listed in the Tool section of the menu. Use the provided filters to narrow your search. If you have a character, you can load the character into the search tool to automatically set the filters for that character.

Tools [Menu Item]

• Character Search (Both Player and Non-player Characters)

• Power Search

• Item Search

Build a Character [Menu Item]

Where the Atomic RPG System truly shines is in its ability to create custom content for the player. Use the sections under Build a Character to learn more about each of the pieces of the character and how they work together. Read through each step listed in order to understand how early character choices affect final character stats.

• Building a Atomic RPG System Character

Create Custom Content (Character, NPC, Item, Power)

When you are ready to create new characters, use the links below, find these links under the Tools menu, or directly from your account section of AtomicRPG.com. My Account is found both on the left of the main menu and in a widget on the top right of each page.

• Create a New Atomic RPG System Character

• Create a New Non-player Character Wizard

If you would like to build custom Items or Powers for your character, use the following custom content generators. Follow the link within your character in the edit sections to automatically load your character or use the links in the Tools menu or My Custom sections of the AtomicRPG.com.

• Custom Item Generator

• Custom Power Generator

Step 3: Playing the Atomic RPG System

Playing the Atomic RPG System is easy. With its streamlined rules and designated game modes, anyone can play a player character(PC) or run a Atomic RPG System game as a Game Master(GM). For detailed information about the different game modes, how to moderate a game, and what players and GM’s alike can do, see the Run a Game menu area.

Run a Game [Menu Item]

It’s best to start on the left and move to the right through the different sections of Run a Game, but feel free to jump right into what interests you most.

• Real Time Game Mode

• Turn Time Game Mode

• Battle Time Game Mode

• Game Master Rules (Rules for GMs that players don’t need to know in order to play.)

If you have more questions, please check out our Atomic RPG System Forums and ask! We are happy to answer any questions, and we have a great community of friendly players who are eager to help.

• Atomic RPG System Forums

Step 4: Tools and Other Resources for your Games

In the Tools section of the website and on the main menu players will find a wide variety of tools and webpages to help their game.

Tools [Menu Item]

Here are other important tools:


• NPC Encounter Calculator

• Random Dice Roller

My Account [Menu Item]

The My Account section of the website is where all of your account information is stored. This is where you will also find the areas to manage your custom content. These areas will list what you have created, what you have contributed, and how much space is on your account.

• My Custom PCs

• My Custom NPCs

• My Custom Items

• My Custom Powers

My Atomic RPG System Friends

You will probably want to add your friends’ account names as Atomic RPG System Friends. This allows you to share your custom content with each other. This is good for looking at each other’s characters or handing out special loot as the GM!

• My Atomic RPG System Friends

Stay Connected and Stay Informed

Make sure to connect with us on all your networks. The Atomic RPG System is an ever-evolving game system. New updates come out at the beginning of every month. Updates to fix and adjust the website come out in the middle of each month.

Create your own custom worlds easily in any genre or setting online for use at the tabletop!

Play for free as long as you want! Take your time to see just how flexible the Atomic RPG is with it's combination of digital tools, balanced rules, and ease of play.
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