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Character Bonuses in the Atomic RPG System

Character bonuses and penalties are a large part of the Atomic RPG System. When calculating all character statistics and numbers there is one important rule to remember: no character bonuses of the same type stack. The lone exception to this rule is a GM bonus to anything. The GM always has the ability to grant bonuses that will stack with everything else you may have.

Rules to Remember Regarding Character Bonus/Penalty

You will always use the greater bonus when deciding between bonuses of the same named type. If a character currently has multiple bonuses of the same type and for some reason the character loses the greater bonus, the lesser bonus will immediately take effect.

In other words, player characters can have many effects of the same type active but only one gives them a bonus (or penalty) at a time.

Character Bonuses - Character Sheet Calculations and Manual Adjustments

Character Bonuses, Penalties, and Modifications in the Atomic RPG System

Here is a list of where and how your character’s numbers are calculated in the Atomic RPG System:

Auto Calculated

This things are always auto calculated and should show up on your character sheet after it is refreshed after the change.

Manually Adjusted

This list might be long but you will often not have any of these modifications.

When you do have some of these modifications it is usually just a couple things that are easy to keep track of!

As the Atomic RPG System grows more and more of these will be integrated into the character sheet to make it easier for players.

If you have any questions or comments about how and when Character Bonuses are applied please ask your question on our forums.

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