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Atomic RPG System Character Style: 

In the Atomic RPG System, all characters will choose a Character Style. A character’s Style is similar to alignments in Dungeons & Dragons in the sense that it should help guide a player on how they can play their character. However, Character Style  is not as limiting to role play as alignment. A player is allowed to deviate from this “overall attitude” of a character.

Players who choose an Aggressor Character Style should do so because their character will, for the most part, be an aggressive character.

Aggressor characters are more likely to start a fight or attack an enemy first. They are often more rash and self-absorbed than other characters may be.  A character who is an Aggressor in the Atomic RPG System would probably fit under the Chaotic alignment in Dungeons & Dragons.

Since Aggressor Style Characters often start fights, they are exceptionally good at Attacking. Aggressor Style Characters will have their Character Tier added to all of their Attacks.

Aggressor Characters will also tend to favor having Offensive Disciplines as opposed to Defensive Disciplines. An Offensive Discipline is focused on harming enemies rather than helping allies.

Aggressor Game Mechanic Benefits

Traditional character types that would be considered to have Aggressor Character Styles might include barbarians, snipers, shock troopers, ninjas, pirates, and scalawags.


Gains Bonus to Defenses
A character who often defends and protects others.


Gains Bonus to Skills
A character who's focus lays outside of combat on skills.

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