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Atomic RPG System Character Styles

Character Style in the Atomic RPG System reflects the overall attitude and personality of a character. It’s somewhat similar to alignment in Dungeons and Dragons, but with more freedom. Choosing a character style will offer you different benefits depending on your choices, but you are not bound to this style and will not lose character bonuses if you deviate from your Character Style during Atomic RPG System game play.

Before you choose a Character Style, read up on the idea and philosophy of creating  a player character in the Atomic RPG System system. Refer to What Character to Play. Once you have a general idea about your character, you can determine the Character Style.

There are three basic Character Styles.

 These three styles will round out your overall character idea and should really help you to bring your character into focus.


Gains Bonus to Attacks
A character that often goes on the offensive attacking and hurting others.

An Aggressor Style character is one who is primarily focused on attacking instead of defending. Aggressors are the ones that usually throw the first punch in a fight. Aggressors are focused on hurting or stopping their enemies, as opposed to watching over their allies.


Gains Bonus to Skills
A character who's focus lays outside of combat on skills.

A Neutral Style character will use skills, diplomacy, or non-damaging powers to attempt to resolve conflict, trying to avoid combat.


Gains Bonus to Defenses
A character who often defends and protects others.

A Protector Style character is one that is primarily focused on defense of self or others. Protectors rarely throw the first punch in a fight. Protectors defend not only themselves but often focus on protecting and aiding those in need.

Once a player has chosen a character Style, the next step of character generation is Character Focus.

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