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Atomic RPG System Character Archetype:

Generalists are the Atomic RPG System system’s buffing and skill-focused characters. In Dungeons & Dragons, these would be bards, rogues, or warlords. One of the many great things about the Atomic RPG System system is that you don’t have to narrow your choice into a “micro class”. In other words, you don’t have to choose between “rogue” and “assassin”. Atomic RPG System players just pick Generalist as their overall Archetype, and then are free to mold and shape the character in any way they want.

Generalist characters in the Atomic RPG System cover a very wide range of possible characters.

A Generalist can also be a combination of these ideas. In the Atomic RPG System, you are not stuck with a narrow vision of a character. Players can be part rogue, part artisan, part politician, or part spy. You the player determine the specifics of the “class” of your character, not books full of arbitrary rules.

What all Generalists have in common is that their Spirit Trait is their primary Trait. As a Generalist, players will want to make sure that their Spirit Trait is their highest Trait. It will be the primary Character Trait that will determine how good a character is at Generalist-related Powers and effects.

Generalists can use a wide variety of things to implement their trade. These can be weapons, tools (or tool kit), songs, and knowledge. The specific way a character gets things done doesn’t matter. What matters is that players add the flavor and specifics they want to illustrate their character’s Powers and abilities. Generalists can use weapons, but those weapons are usually used to either hinder their enemies through giving them negatives to their stats, or inspiring their allies to greater effect.

Players who create Generalists will add their character level to the amount of overall healing they will do to their allies since this is usually the things Generalists do well.

If you visualize your Atomic Character as someone who would rather use their wits and skills to tackle situations instead of combat, wants to have strong healing, or would enjoy helping allies or hindering enemies, a Generalist Archetype is what you want to play.

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Primary focus on combat abilities.
Examples might include a sword master, sniper, or brawler that focuses on being a martial expert.


Wizard(ish) / Cleric(ish)
Primary focus on magic or supernatural abilities.
Examples might include a sorcerer, psionisist, or cleric that uses the mysterious unseen forces of the mind and magic.

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