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Other Websites to Help Your RPG

Awesome Websites to Help Your RPG Game
The very best RPGs come not from one single source but from a combination of many different games, stories, and the imaginations of players. To help you create the greatest RPG experience, I’ve put together a list of awesome websites for all your RPG needs, including the things you didn’t know you needed!

General Websites and Tools

It’s easy to forget the simple things. There are a few tools that can come in handy just to get players started. Before your epic adventure (or epic character) can take form, you may need a few basic things to get started. GMs and players both benefit from a word processing program on the computer, and if you want to create some visual aids, an image editor of some type is useful.

Open Office is a free open source suite which contains a word processing program, spreadsheet program, and a few other things. If you do not have something already, Open Office works great.

GIMP is a free open source graphics program. It is great for coming up with maps, images, and character portraits. It doesn’t take a graphic artist to create images for a quest. Anyone can create basic image resources that can really make a Atomic RPG System game stand out. Try out GIMP today!

Having something that lets players easily communicate with each other during play is helpful. Chat and video programs can be used both for remote play and in-person play. There are lots of options but one that works great and that many people already use is Skype.

Websites Packed With Great Ideas and Info

These websites have a ton of great information and ideas for gaming in general. These are some I visit regularly to keep ideas fresh and my games fun.

Websites with Generators

This website is great and full of tons of generators! Calendars, Dungeons, Treasures, Demographics, you name it!

This website has a huge assortment of name generators for all kinds of different races, genres, and styles:

Great Resource for Maps

Use these websites below to help you with your mapping needs.

Tutorials to make maps:

Here is a great resource for real world campaigns.

Here is one that is easy to use to make basic world and terrain maps.

KISS style dungeon map editor. Real easy to make a quick map then print or save it.

Cool random city generator with a few options to mix up your towns.

3D Printing Miniatures

Looking for some miniatures to print on your 3D printer? Check out this website:

Want to create your custom miniature and have it printed for you? Check out Hero Forge. You can create your character and they will print it for you.

Websites with Interesting Lists

Lists are a great tool for a GM to have handy. These can be used in many different types of campaigns. They are a great tool when you need quick random content. They are interesting and can be used to embellish your campaign setting:

Character Images

Have a character image drawn just for you! Commission this artist to create your character portrait. They have different levels of detail for different costs.

Female Images of Fantasy on Tumblr:

Reddit character image vault. Some of these are considered adult content:

Virtual Tabletops for Remote Gaming

Here are a couple of virtual tabletop websites that you can use to play remotely:

Star Wars Lists

Here are a couple great Star Wars lists that can be used in your games. Many of these can be used outside of Star Wars as well.

I use these as well as many custom tools I create for my campaigns. Many of these will be integrated into the Atomic RPG System. However, there is no reason to reinvent or ignore some of the other great RPG material that is out there.

If you have any additions you would like me to add let me know on our forums. I will check them out and see if they are websites and tools that the players of the Atomic RPG System can use.