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The Crafting Skill in the Atomic RPG System system can lead to incredibly powerful and unique items for a character. It allows players to build items in an a la carte fashion: just choose the effects you want. In fact, you can easily create a Atomic RPG System item that is completely unique and fits perfectly into any player's character concept.

The Crafting Skill can also be used for skill checks and challenges as well, but the meat of this skill is creating amazing items!

The Crafting Skill as a Skill Check or Challenge

The Crafting Skill can be used as a regular Skill Check when doing standard skill checks. Though the GM is cautioned to not use this too often as it will automatically let the player use their best skill. But on occasion there are good times where the players could, or should, roll 

Using Crafting as a Regular Skill Check

When using the Crafting Skill as a regular skill check, treat it as any other skill. This means the character will need to hit the required Easy/Medium/Hard check. 

Player Crafting or Non Player Character Crafting.

There are two paths that players usually take with crafting. First and easiest, is that they really do not craft anything with their character. Instead, they will hire a  craftsperson to create what they want. Using this method there are generally no skill checks to make things. Game Masters approval is required. There will be no discount on the creation, and often there might be a mark up. 

The second route is a player creating their own items. This is what we will be covering mostly with crafting.  There are rolls, Specialties, and other circumstances might be involved but the player will get a 10% discount and possibly a 50% discount on occasion.  

Player Crafting

NPC Crafting

There is a Specialty group for each Archetype related to the effects that Archetype has access to.

Craft Combatant Items Specialty

Grants ability to craft items that have Combatant Powers and Effects.

Craft Generalist Items Specialty

Grants ability to craft items that have Generalist Powers and Effects.

Craft Mystic Items Specialty

Grants ability to craft items that have Mystic Powers and Effects.

There are three tiers to each Specialty set which determines what can be crafted.

Minor Crafting

Create items with all Archetype Effects. Only 1 of each Item Effect, Specialty Effect, and Power Effect can be added.

Create disposable item.

Improved Crafting

Create items with all Archetype Effects. More then 1 of each Item Effect, Specialty Effect, and Power Effect can be added.

Superior Crafting

Create items with all Archetype Effects. Legendary items can be created. (Legendary items bypass level and Archetype requirements!)

Players can find which effects each Archetype Specialty

Details of Player Crafting

Below you will find the details of exactly how to craft your own items!

If an NPC is creating the items they must follow the chart below as far as cost, Effect, and Power caps. But otherwise can whip these up for players.

Player’s will find the chart below very helpful in planning their own custom items.

Crafting Check Needed, Costs of Items, and Effect Limits

Below is a chart showing the details of the Crafting Skill in the Atomic RPG System. 

  • The first column shows the minimum Character Tier/Character Level to use the item.
  • Next, is the Crafting Skill Check need to create the Atomic RPG Item.
  • The total cost of the item.
  • The Effect relates to the Effects level and what the cap is for the item.
  • Power Cap of the Item shows the maximum strength of the Power that can be on the item.
  • The last column shows an easy conversion chart to create the item as a Disposable Atomic RPG System Item instead.

Don’t worry about memorizing this chart. This is simply here to help players initially plan their Atomic RPG System Items.

To craft Atomic RPG System Items players will use the Atomic RPG System Item Generator. The Atomic RPG System Item Generator will do all the heavy work of calculating all of the factors that goes into creating an item. Players are encouraged to use this chart as a quick way to determine the basics of the Atomic RPG System Item they want to craft.

Each effect that is added to an item stacks onto the cost. Example: Adding a +4 Effect (10,000) and a +3 Effect (6,000) would cost 16,000.  The highest Crafting Check and Level to use are used as the final Atomic RPG System Item numbers. In this case, the player would need a Crafting check of 30.

Crafting Skill Needed to Roll

Character Tier/LevelCrafting CheckCost of CraftingEffect / StepPower Cap of ItemDisposable Items


NOTE: Item Effects can be removed if so desired but the player does not get credit or is able to swap them out. New Effects always cost and removing them does not grant any value or cash.

A character's best Trait determines the base skill bonus.

Time Needed

It takes 1 full day per Effect/Step of each Effect added to create a custom Atomic RPG Item.

Example: It will take 3 days to create a suit of full plate armor which grants the player character a +3 to all Defenses.

It takes 1 full day per Effect/Step to craft 10 Disposable Items.

Example: It will take six days to craft 20 Effect/Step 3 healing stims.

Characters must have time during the game for crafting.  Characters cannot be involved in other things. The GM has final say on if crafting can happen and how long the crafting will take.

Crafting Cost

Characters crafting items do so for a 10% discount.

Example: A +1 to Attack Sword would cost 2,000 to buy. A character can craft this item for 1,800!

If it is determined the character will have time to craft, the player will roll one Crafting Skill Check for the item.

One roll will also be used if crafting a set of Disposable Items.

The character is now indisposed and unable to do anything else other than crafting.

In some cases the GM may allow other minor outside activity.

Rolling the Crafting Skill Check

Having met all the conditions to craft the item, it is time to roll the check. The GM will let you know when to make this roll and if there are any modifiers applied. 

Possible modifiers might include a bonus from a crafting station, using Powers, Efforts, Tokens, or even GM Bonuses.

If the player rolls the needed check or higher, they are successful and now have the item and can use it immediately. 

Rolling a 20 on a Crafting Check is a Critical Success!

If the Craft Skill Check is a natural 20, it is a critical success! The item will only cost 50% of the total value to create instead of 90%! The GM may even shorten the time needed.

This can be a modified 20 in the case where the player has Improved Skill Critical Specialties or the GM gives bonuses.

Rolling a 1 on a Crafting Check is a Fumbled Failure!

If the Crafting Skill Check is a natural 1, then the crafting attempt will cost the character 50% of the total value of the Advanced Atomic RPG System Item!

If the player has a use of the Specialty ReRoll they may be able to avoid this costly mistake!

Failed Crafting Skill Check

On a failed Craft Skill Check the character did not create the item. Only one check may be performed per day. If the player fails a Crafting Skill Check that character will lose 10% of the total value in the attempt. 

An in-game example might look like this:

GM: You have a week and your item will take 3 days to craft. You have everything you need. The item will cost 10,000. You will need to roll a 20 or higher to create the item. Go ahead and roll.

Player: I rolled a 14.

GM: Sorry, but you failed in your attempt. You waste the day on an imperfect mold. You lose 1,000. But luckily you still have 4 days left. Try again on day 2. Please roll again.

Player: Alright! I rolled a 24 this time!

GM: Great! You will have your new item in 3 days. You will still have a day to do other things. Mark off 9,000 for your cost. Now I will see what the other players want to do during this time. Good job!

Crafting Disposable Items

Disposable Items are items that are used once and then are useless. Disposable Items are things like potions, medical kits, grenades, and food or drink that grant a player a bonus. Atomic RPG System Disposable Items do not have any permanent effects. They only grant character bonuses when they are used. Many Disposable Items have instant effects such as healing a player character. Disposable Items can have any number of effects and are not limited to a specific effect. 

Disposable Items are also items that have a limited number of uses such as wands or medical stimulant packs. These items may have 5, 10, or more uses and then they become useless. Each use is treated as a separate Disposable Item.

Disposable Items can only have Item Effects and Powers on them. They cannot have Specialties

When crafting Disposable Items they can be created at a 10 to 1 time ratio. This means that in the same amount of time it would take a character to craft a +1 Attack Rifle they could also create 10 +1 Attack Potions.

Here are just a few examples of some Disposable Items:

Legendary Crafting Exceptions

When and if a character wants to craft the most amazing and powerful Atomic RPG System items, Legendary Items, there are a couple differences. First, any player needs to make sure that the GM will allow characters to make Atomic RPG System Legendary Items. They are extremely powerful and can easily unbalance the carefully designed Atomic RPG System. However, it can be quite fun to have access to a Atomic RPG System Legendary Item for a few adventures. If the GM does allow player characters to make Legendary Atomic RPG System Items they need to follow the rules below.

  1. The Crafting Skill Check needed will be twice what the regular skill check would be.
  2. The cost for crafting a Legendary Item is twice what it is to craft any other item.

Due to the immense power of Legendary Items they are very difficult and expensive to create.

A much more common use of Legendary Items is when the GM gives the party something for a limited time. These are things like the One Ring. It is way too powerful for a player to use it for long, but can be fun for a limited time to let the party get a taste of godlike power!

With Nearly Limitless Potential, Your Game Can Be Amazing

The Atomic RPG System Crafting Skill can be one of the most powerful and fun Skills to use in the Atomic RPG System. The Atomic RPG System has an extremely flexible and versatile item system in the game that make the possibilities of items limitless. Best of all players of the Atomic RPG System do not have to work out all of the Crafting Skill details themselves. All the players need to know is the fundamentals of the Crafting Skill and then they can use the Atomic RPG System Item Generator to make whatever item they can dream up! The generator does all the math, calculations, and other heavy lifting work so players of the Atomic RPG System can make whatever items their characters want with the Crafting Skill. More information and ideas can be gathered from this wiki article about crafting.

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