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Cubes, Oozes and Slimes Oh My

Cubes, oozes, and slimes are used in many different worlds and lore. They usually have some kind of magical or supernatural origin, rarely occurring naturally. They are semi intelligent and their only purpose is to feed.

They are used in many situations as guardians or traps, or they may be released to wander an area in order to keep others out of the area. In other cases, they may be carefully placed as a trap to kill or capture unwary intruders.

Regardless of their source or specific abilities, they often have similar traits that can help GM’s to create them easily on the fly. They can be made of just about any substance and can be of many different sizes. Here are some fun mechanics to make their creation more interesting.

Cubes, Oozes and Slimes Splitting

In many cases attacking and fighting these creatures causes them to split and multiply upon death. This makes them even deadlier (and frustrating) than they appear. Even if they are not deadly to an adventurer, this ability wears adventurers down or traps them, buying time for more enemies to arrive or to alert someone of an intrusion.

The GM can have these split into different numbers of creatures for larger or smaller PC groups. For 6 or 7 players, have the defeated creature split into 3 new ones. For 8 or more players, the cubes/oozes/slimes can split into 4 new ones.

The splitting action takes a full round, giving the PCs the opportunity to flee, heal, buff up, and otherwise act while the new cubes/oozes/slimes form up. After the round, they will pursue and attack the PCs if the PCs can be Perceived (Perception Skill Check).

Game Master Tip With Spilitting

It is best to have the cubes, ooze or slime only split once or twice. In theory a very large cube, ooze or slime could split 3 or 4 times this is usually too much fighting. Too many splits will cause the encounter to go long and you and the PCs to get tired of fighting cubes, oozes or slimes. They are intended to be NPC monsters that PCs run into along the way, not necessarily as the boss of finale of a quest.

The Hierarchy of Cubes, Oozes and Slimes

They follow the same steps as normal NPCs. Similar types tend to seek each other out and combine their strengths. If a powerful one is split, then left alone, basically going from Battle Time to Turn Time, it will attempt to recombine. Here is a list that can be followed and rules for creating what you may want as a GM.
Name NPC Tier Horde Weight Splits Into
Superior Boss 6×6* 2000 2 Greater
Greater Champion 4×4* 1000 2 Improved
Improved Specialist 2×2* 500 3 Lesser
Lesser Grunt No 250 4 Minor
Minor Minion No 125 None

*Note: Improved, Greater, and Superior cubes, oozes and slimes should be Atomic RPG System Hordes. To read more about Hordes read the Advanced Atomic RPG System GM options.

Magma Cube Example Encounter

This is a Deadly encounter for 5 Level 10 PCs. This will start with one Superior Magma Cube built as a Boss. This Magma Cube will be set in the ground with the top cooled and concealed. When the maximum number of PC’s enters the area (6×6 Spaces), “mouths” suddenly appear in the ground and attempt to swallow the PCs. This is the description I am using for the first Basic Attack to start the encounter.

This encounter is a little too much if run in one giant long Battle Time encounter. Instead, the first Superior Magma Cube is one fight. Then the PC’s get break for 1 round of Turn Time. This gives them the chance to escape and to have their Powers return. There should be another break in the action with the Greater Magma Cube, if they die at the same time. If not, then the group may not get any breaks until they have defeated all of the enemy Magma Cubes. Which there will be a total of 1 Superior, 2 Greater, 4 Improved, 12 Lesser, and 48 Minion Maga Cubes!

Fun with Cubes, Oozes and Slimes

Cubes, oozes and slimes are classic fantasy monster NPCs that are encountered in a huge variety of settings and games. Classic creatures such as these are staples of a good RPG and something that the Atomic RPG System is designed to cater too.

Players and GMs alike should have lots of fun creating and battling cubes, oozes and slimes as they can be inserted into just about any environment.

If you have questions or comments concerning cubes, oozes and slimes please visit the Atomic RPG System forums and post your thoughts.

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