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Atomic RPG System Character Focuses

Focus is determined by how a character either specializes or diversifies. Focus works with Discipline, which is a percentage of your total strength. The percentage of each of the three kinds of Disciplines that goes into your character determines the Focus your character has. The three Disciplines are based on the Archetype (Combatant, Mystic, and Generalist). Most of your strength will derive from your Archetype. Then you can choose the other two Archetypes as your Secondary and Tertiary Disciplines. The rank you give one or two other Disciplines determines your Focus.

Your character concept is almost completed! The next piece of the puzzle is your character’s Focus.

Let’s say you have built a sword-wielding fighter (Combatant). Your fighter is an Aggressor. That’s pretty simple. But your fighter cab have skills beyond the sword. 

Will the focus be on mastering devastation with a blade?

 Then be Devoted and stick with Combatant Powers.

Or do you want to have some healing powers?

Then be Focused on Combatant Powers but still dabble in Mystic Powers.

Maybe you want to have healing powers and some decent skills as well?

Then be Balanced with Combatant Powers but still dabble in Mystic Powers and Generalist Powers.

There are three basic Character Focuses.

 These three degrees of character focus will finish the core of your overall character idea. At this point you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to play!


Very Diverse Character
A character who can't do one thing great, but can do many things well.

This choice is usually made by Generalists because it gives equal weight to all three areas of Focus. A Balanced Character Focus keeps all three Disciplines at the same Power level. Since Balanced characters will have less powerful Powers, they have a few more Power Points to spend on their powers in total.


Some Character Diversity
A character who's good at their main job but has a few extra tricks up their sleeves.

This choice is usually made by the majority of character types because it puts focus on your primary Archetype while still allowing access to all three areas of focus. This means your Archetype Discipline, or Primary Discipline, will have more Power Points to use than your Secondary Discipline and your Tertiary Discipline.


Narrow Character
A character that does one thing, but does it very well.

This choice is usually made by a few characters who want to be highly specialized in a single Discipline at the expense of others. This means your Primary Discipline will be very powerful. Devoted characters are concentrated on a certain path, so they have a small Secondary Discipline Power Pool and do not access a Tertiary Discipline.

After choosing your character Focus, you should have a very good character concept. The final step to the conceptualization of your character is to fine tune their Disciplines, which will contain the Powers of your character. So let's move on to the final step of character generation:

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