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Play Anything in the Atomic RPG System

The best thing about the Atomic RPG System is the ability to play any character, any story, any lore, and any genre that you want!

If you’re already playing another game, you might need some pointers on how to convert things to the Atomic RPG System.

Don’t worry, the Atomic RPG System is very flexible and has been able to accommodate anything we have thrown at it so far!

Here are a few great examples of conversions!

Dean Winchester

Supernatural the TV Show

Combatant Aggressor who is Devoted 

15th Level with 552 HP

Defenses 38/24/27

Iron man

Marvel Superhero

Mystic Protector who is Focused

18th Level with 499 HP

Defenses 35/48/30


Fallout Video Games

Mystic Aggressor who is Devoted

9th Level NPC Grunt with 128 HP

Defenses 18/26/18


From a Meme

Neutral Generalist who is Focused

2nd Level with 21 HP

Defenses 16/17/19


Robot from Robocop Movie

Mystic Aggressor who is Devoted 

20th Level with 568 HP

Defenses 23/45/23


Attack Helicopter

Mystic Aggressor who is Devoted

21st Level Boss with 7,371 HP

Defenses 34/53/35

Want to look at more premade characters? Use the Character Search tool!

Looking for a better understanding of the core rules and methods in the Atomic RPG?

Through the years of gaming, we have become frustrated with some of the hurdles RPG gamers face using the other RPG gaming systems.

So we created the Atomic RPG System to be your one-stop-shop for gaming. Learn this system and you can play any kind of game you want. 

Once you have done it once, it should make sense and you’ll be able to convert more characters easily. The Atomic RPG System is modular with clear black and white lines between mechanics/numbers and the roleplay/story of a character. Here is how you can learn to easily identify the differences so you can convert any character to the Atomic RPG System system.

Rule #1 to Converting Characters

The most important rule when converting any character to the Atomic RPG System is that any roleplay, story, description, and explanation of abilities are totally separate from the mechanics.  So when it’s time to convert a character, remember that the roleplay reason for an attack is not tied to the number at all. It’s not the damage of a short sword vs. a longsword, or the damage of a thrown rock vs. a gun.  The character does something to result in damage, regardless of what is used.

Character Mechanics Example

Level 7
37 Hit Points
Body Defense of 22
+11 to Attack for 4d10+22 Damage

Character Roleplay Example

My character has some experience on the road, but much to learn.
My character is tough and can take some damage.
My character is agile and nimble and difficult to hit.
My character tosses a grenade with great accuracy immolating their foe!

Once you understand the full potential and power of this absolute separation of mechanics and roleplay you will then see the nearly infinite potential  you have for characters! You don’t have to wedge ideas and mechanics together. They compliment each other instead of restrict each other. 

To state this another way. 

The Power example above is +11 to Attack and does 4d10+22 Damage. What the roleplay description of it doesn’t matter. This can be someone tossing the grenade, shooting a gun, yelling an insult, signing a song, burping, or anything else. The roleplay description has no effect on the mechanics of the Power. 

This opens up the game to the imagination of the players and Game Master! The possibilities are truly endless.

I have seen the best most amazing characters every created and played by players that could manifest their characters however they see fit. 

Once you have that concept down, the rest of the conversion is easy! We harp on this one a lot here, but it is so different then most other RPGs, many struggle with the concept of having so much freedom. 

The Atomic RPG has been able to create a game out of anything!

Here are a few games we have created, both “normal” and some “out there” ones!

Rule #2 to Convert Any Character

The next most important rule when converting any character in the Atomic RPG System is to know what kind of effects and abilities the player would like their character to have.

Players that are not yet familiar with the effects that the Atomic RPG System has to offer should make themselves familiar with the Archetype Comparison Table.

Wondering what each character type in the Atomic RPG can do?

This table not only shows what effects are available in the game but also which Archetype / Discipline have access to those abilities. Nearly every effect found in popular lore can be found or replicated with the Atomic RPG System effects.

Once a player knows at least the most common effects it is usually quite easy to start. Here is a short list of the top effects for each of the 3 Archetypes in the Atomic RPG System.

Note: Each effect can be used by 2 of the 3 Archetypes which greatly increases versatility in characters.

Hit Point DamageHit Point HealingHit Point Damage
Penalty to AttackPenalty to AttackHit Point Healing
Bonus to AttackBonus to AttackMove Enemy
Penalty to DefensesPenalty to DefensesMove Ally
Penalty to SpeedPenalty to SpeedBonus to Bleed
Move EnemyBonus to DefensesBonus to Hit Points
Bonus to DefensesBonus to SpeedTeleport Ally
Bonus to SpeedBonus to DamageBonus to Resistance
Move AllyPenalty to DamagePenalty to Hit Points
Bonus to DamageTeleport AllyMovement for Ally

Knowing the effects will help make it much easier for a player to convert any character because this will be the foundation.  The table above should help players get started knowing what they want and how they are going to create it.

However, don’t worry about making the wrong choices. Atomic RPG System characters can be modified and changed if they don’t turn out right the first time.

Decide on the core of the Character

Choose an Archetype

Choose a Style

Choose a Focus

With those choices made the rest of the character conversion will bea  breeze!

Character Abilities

Character abilities can cover a wide gamut. These can be spells, attacks, knowledge, racial abilities, things the character excels at doing, speed, etc.

Divide what your character can do into two different categories.

What Your Character Excels At

These will be things that should be represented through either the character Specialties, Skills, or the items they have. Specialties, Skills, and items are active and affect the character at all times.

Choose Specialties

Specialties are things you choose for the character that will enhance their abilities.

Such as: more Hit Points, better Attack, move Faster

Choose Skills

Skills will be the methods in which your character will handle out of combat situations.

Such as: being Social, good Crafting, lying with Subterfuge

Choose Items

Items are the things your character carries and uses that grant them bonuses to things.

Such as: Sword, Armor, Cyberdeck, Potions, Vehicles

Choose or Create Character Powers

Character Powers in the Atomic RPG System are the actions your character can take. 

Think of these are your character’s best moves, most important abilities, or the way your character contributes to the group. If your character has a special move, a spell, a sword strike or something similar, it should be chosen or created as a Power.

Here are just a few examples of Powers.

  • Casting a Spell
  • Shooting a Gun
  • Swinging a Sword
  • Shouting an Insult
  • Binding a Wound
  • Flying through the Air
  • Teleporting Somewhere
  • Punching Something

Really, just an action you want your character to take in game. 

With the separation of Roleplay and Mechanics this allows you to create all the cool moves of the other system into what they actually do easily in the Atomic RPG System!

Wondering what can be done with Powers? You will be amazed!

Power pools broken down and how best to think about each one.

At-Will Power

Make this their signature Power. They’ll be able to use this Power over and over again.
This should also be built to mirror your character's main focus.

Is your character a healer?
Make this Power a healing Power.

Is your character a Damage dealer?
Make this Power a Damage Power.

Primary Powers

This will be your strongest Powers. Use these in dire need or when you want to make a big splash!
This should also be built to mirror your character's main focus.

Is your character a healer?
Make these Powers healing focused.

Is your character a Damage dealer?
Make these Powers Damage dealing Powers.

Secondary Powers

This can either back up your primary character focus or do something totally different.
Characters in the Atomic RPG System are not pigeonholed into a role. They can be quite diverse in abilities

Is your character a healer and you want a little more?
Make these Powers more healing Powers.

Is your character a Damage dealer but wants to be able to do some healing?
Make these Powers healing Powers.

Tertiary Powers

Only Balanced and Focused characters get this Power pool.
This is really where diversity in abilities and Powers can shine!

Create a Skill boosting Power.

Create a Raise Dead Power!

Create a Power that makes you go faster in combat!

Character is Ready to Play

The character should be ready to play. Going through the process of splitting what the character is good at and what it can do created everything a player needs to play the character.

At this point, though, you need to give your character personality, drive, history, or motivation. Now is a great time to dive into the roleplay and story of your character. Use the RP section of the character sheet to fill out as many details as possible. These details do not affect the character stats at all but will make this character better and more fun to play.

By adding pictures and detailed roleplay, the character will come to life. Remember, descriptions and roleplay do not have any mechanical effect on the character stats, so players and GMs are encouraged to let their imaginations go wild!

If you are looking for some more ideas you can look at some examples. Just remember, there really isn’t a wrong way to create a character. There may be a better or worse way but the Atomic RPG System lets players tune and adjust their characters so there is no need to worry about making the wrong choice.

Find more examples of how standard characters have been converted to the Atomic RPG System.

Create your own custom worlds easily in any genre or setting online for use at the tabletop!

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