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Atomic RPG System Character Focus: 

In the Atomic RPG System, a Balanced character is one that has many different talents. None of which are more powerful than the others. They are the characters that are good at a great many things, but a master of none.

Atomic RPG System characters that have a Balanced Focus are often Generalists, although a Balanced character can be of any Archetype.

Balanced Characters are Versatile

Unlike Devoted and Focused player characters, Balanced characters spread their abilities across all three of their Disciplines evenly.

Balanced characters can have many reasons to choose to be balanced, but usually it comes from a desire to do many different things well.

Balanced Character Power Points

Balanced characters in Atomic have the same base Power Pool Points in each of the three Disciplines they choose. The maximum points are going to be lower than the other character focuses can attain. The tradeoff is that Balanced characters end up having more total Power Points they can spend on Powers. However, these powers will ultimately be weaker than those of other character focuses.

Balanced characters are usually more adaptable to many different situations and have the Power Points available to make many powers that can help out in a wide variety of situations.

Choose a Character Focus of Balanced if you want your character to have many Powers across more Disciplines rather than having fewer, more powerful Powers.

Examples of Balanced Characters

Balanced characters should be built to handle a wide variety of situations. Here are a few examples:


This is a rogue that wants to be able to handle combat, heal and help friends while being good at many skills. Here is how the Power Disciplines might be arranged.


The ambassador strives to get through all situations by talking their way through the situation, and only after this fails would they resort to such barbaric tactics as violence.

Combat Medic

A balanced combat medic is devoted to keeping their party alive through thick and thin using as many different techniques. They can also turn these techniques onto their enemies if needed.

These are just a few examples of Balanced focused characters, but there are many more combinations that can be used. A  Balanced character is good at doing many things and is versatile enough to handle many different situations.


Narrow Character
A character that does one thing, but does it very well.


Some Character Diversity
A character who's good at their main job but has a few extra tricks up their sleeves.

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