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Game Master in the Atomic RPG System

A Game Master’s job is to make the game fun and exciting. Most importantly, the GM’s job is to run a game so that the players win! Most characters want to be famous and rich in the game world or otherwise stand out about the crowd. This goal gives the players a reason to push themselves and gives them a feeling of true accomplishment. Some adventures or encounters will not always go the way the group would like but ultimately the GM wants the players to win. The Game Master might put obstacles in the way, but that is just to make the “win” that much sweeter. Keep this in mind when creating and gaming in the Atomic RPG System System.

Anyone can be a GM and run a fun game!

Just think of the basic movie formula: some people fall in love, then they get torn apart, then they do something and get back together, and they live happily ever after. Or this one: hero falls in love, bad guy takes their love away, hero gets mad, love almost dies, hero fights passionately, hero barely wins. Everyone (the player group) is happy! This is called a story arc. In a movie it takes two hours. In Atomic it can take two, three or more adventures.

In the end though, the plan of the GM is that the players save the day and get the villian. The players will encounter obstacles and setbacks before they get what they want.

So keep that in mind. The story arc is meant to put some emotion into the game and ultimately makes the game so much more enjoyable. So when you “stick it to the GM” you are just sticking it to the very story that is designed to make you all successful, famous and rich heroes. The most memorable stories are fraught with the adversity the player characters overcame to ultimately become successful and save the world.

Game Master Resources

There are a few major sections that Game Masters need to familiarize themselves with running a game. These are broken down into several sections to help you find information and get ideas on specific aspects of running and playing the Atomic RPG System.

Find out all the nitty gritty details of the internal rules of the game.

Learn about using and creating NPCs for the characters to face.

Learn how easy it is to level up the characters and reward them for a job well done.

When you are familiar with the above parts of the game you can dive into the more Advanced Atomic RPG System rules to add a deeper level of complexity and fun. These rules do not offer more strength to players or the GM, instead, offer more complexity to the game should the group want more.

For more information on more of the basics of what a Game Master, or GM, is read up on Game Masters on Wikipedia.

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