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Example of Atomic RPG System Gameplay

Here you will find a short written out demonstration of how Atomic RPG System gameplay works out. 

The very heart of the Atomic RPG System system is a fun and fast gaming experience. The example of Atomic RPG System play below as well as examples in the Atomic RPG System website are going to be fantasy-based. Dungeons & Dragons is the RPG system I’ve used most throughout my role play gaming years. I also love Dungeons & Dragons and any fantasy-setting RPG. Though many examples of the Atomic RPG System system are fantasy-based, it doesn’t mean the Atomic RPG System is for fantasy RPG gaming only. In fact, I’ve built the Atomic RPG System system to be able to be used with any genre your group desires. The Atomic RPG System works equally well in science fiction, historical fiction, modern day, and just about any other setting as it does in fantasy. No matter the genre, players should be able to get a good understanding of the Atomic RPG System to see just how fun, fast, and flexible the Atomic RPG System can be.

If you are not familiar with role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, welcome to the world of RPGs! You will be surprised at how easy the Atomic RPG System can be and how much fun role playing games are.

Here is a condensed version of an example of a Atomic RPG System play session.

  • The GM is the Game Master; the person running the game.
  • Amy, Bob, Casey, and Dan will be the 4 players in this example playing the Atomic RPG System. They are playing a fantasy genre game.
  • The quests they are going on is to see if they can the players find the mysterious missing people?

Atomic RPG System Real Time Game Mode Example

Real Time is free-form role playing time. There are no set turns, and characters can do what they want, when they want. There is also no set time passage. Real Time can encompass days, weeks, or even years.

GM: “Welcome everyone! We left off last game with you trying to find some kind of work. There is no formal guild house or adventuring company here so most folks just visit the local bars to find work. So you all head over to one of them and meet up for dinner. This bar is called the Lazy Mule, run by a man named Milton who is tending bar right now. The evening crowd is gathering, and there seems to be an uncomfortable murmuring in the Lazy Mule.”

GM: (Checks passive Skills of the four players and sees that Casey has a 15 Passive Social Skill for her character. That is just what is needed to get a better sense of the mood without her having to actively ask about it). “Casey, you pick up bits of conversation from different groups, talking about the recent robberies that have occurred in the town. There are many farmers here at the bar, as well as unknown travelers. You think the farmers may be putting the blame on the travelers and may try to start trouble.”

Casey: “Ok, I guess I will go over to one of the groups of farmers and see if I can buy them a drink and get them talking.”

GM: “Ok sounds good. Roll a Social Skill check to see if they will welcome the drinks.”

Casey: (Rolls a d20 [20 sided die] and gets a 4. She then adds her bonus of 5 to it). “Uh, I rolled a 9.”

GM: “That’s ok, these are hardworking farmers. They would welcome your company even without the free beer you offer. All you needed was a 5. So you strike up a conversation with them. We will get back to you. What are the rest of you doing?”

Amy: “I am going to hang out by the door and wait for the brawl to start. ”Dan: “I’m hungry. I find an open table and get some food before the fight starts.”Bob: “I know what bars are good for, drinking! I head over and order a drink and see if Milton knows of any work. Maybe I will offer our services as bouncers tonight.”

GM: “Haha! OK you head over to the bar and Milton pours you a drink without a word. He doesn’t even look at you. He keeps his eyes on the brewing trouble with worry in his eyes.”

Bob: “Evening barkeep! Nice place you have here. Be a shame if it wasn’t so nice. Me and some of my friends are looking for some coin. Maybe you should hire us before the fight breaks out.”

GM: “Milton glares at you suspiciously as if not certain of your motivations. Roll a Social Skill check”.

Bob: (Rolls a d20 and rolls a 1)! “Oops! I look at him with a big smile.”

GM: Milton stares you down dangerously. “I may be old son, but I know a racket when I see it. I saw your friends come in, and you will be the first should you start any trouble here!” He finishes with a look behind him to a nice long sword hanging on the bar behind him.

GM: “Bob, your passive Perception is high enough to see the plaque underneath the sword. It reads ‘Captain Milton: Goblinfoe. Thank you for your service during the Goblin Wars and holding Fort Dunnel during the onslaught. Your courage and bravery allowed us to reclaim so much of what was lost.’ It is signed, ‘Lord Barris’. You are fairly certain Milton can back up his claim. Because you rolled a 1, he’s mistaking your offer as a threat. You think if there is any ruckus here tonight he will blame you and your friends.”

Bob: “Oops… I will take my drink and go sit down with Dan and motion Amy to join us. Then relay to them what I just did.”

GM: “OK sounds good Bob. Dan, as you are ordering, you hear a shouted accusation from the farmers that Casey is speaking to.”

GM: ”Amy, as you are drinking with the farmers, you realize they are drinking quickly. But your plan is working as this group of farmers starts to talk about recent disappearances. It seems that many of the farmers on the east side of town keep finding things missing: livestock, some of the crop yield, equipment. Talking about it has gotten them riled up and the farmers’ anger boils over and one of them shouts out, ‘And it’s these lousy travelers that think they can just take what they want when they pass by our farms!’ They shake their fists and look menacingly at the strangers in town.”

GM: “In response the travelers shout back, obviously distraught themselves, with accusations of their own. ‘Ah so, is that how you get away with theft? Stealing from helpless travelers and then stirring up trouble so they won’t stick around?’”

Bob: (Nervous about Milton’s threats, he decides he needs to speak up). “I get up from my seat with my hands in the air and say ‘Whoa now. No reason we can’t be reasonable. Sounds to me like you all have the same problem’”.

GM: “Bob, Milton glares at you, then reaches behind him and pulls his sword from the wall, points it at you, and says ‘I knew it…this has been your plan all along!’ Let’s go to Turn Time since things are heating up. Everyone roll Reaction checks”.

Atomic RPG System Turn Time Game Mode Example

Turn Time is a little more structured. Turns are taken to keep order in the game. But players still can do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes time will be structured. Usually Turn Time involves Skill Encounters where players will use their wits and Skills to handle a situation instead of combat. 

Reactions: a roll all players make to determine their turn during Turn Time and Battle Time.

GM: (Points to each player in turn to hear what their Reactions are, and records them).Amy: (Amy rolls a 7 plus her modifier of 6) “13”.

Bob: (Bob rolls a 13 plus his modifier of 7), “20”.

Casey: (Casey rolls a 5 plus her modifier of 8), “15”.

Dan: (Dan rolls an 8 plus his modifier of 5), “15”.

GM: “OK first will be Bob, then Casey because she has a higher Reaction modifier, then Dan, and lastly Amy.” (The GM secretly rolls or determines when his non-player characters [NPCs] will go. In this case, he determines Milton and the farmers will go last so they can react to whatever the party does).

GM: “Bob, you’re up”.

Bob: “Look, I know how this looks Milton, but you give us too much credit. Our only plan is to make some coin. We didn’t steal anything. But we can really help.” Dan rolls another Social Skill check, resulting in a 15 this time.

GM: “Nice roll, you seem to have calmed Milton down a little as he lowers his sword and plants it in front of him waiting for more explanation. Casey, it’s your turn.”

Casey: “Everyone just calm down. No reason to fight each other over something that sounds like has been happening to both of you. ” (rolls a Social Skill check to calm them down; she rolls a result of 10).

GM: “They still seem distrustful of each other, but the situation isn’t escalating right now. Dan, what do you do?”

Dan: “I just keep eating. This is good entertainment!”

GM: “Amy?”

Amy: “Look, we came to this town looking for something to do, and we can investigate this for you. We aren’t part of any group so it will be fair. Just pay us 20% of all returned items, and a 10% finder’s fee once we hunt down the real thieves”. (Amy gives them all a big smile trying to assure them this is the best route to go. She rolls a Social Skill check and rolls a natural 20)!

GM: (With that Critical success the GM offers them a little extra). “Nods of agreement roll around the room as they all realize that they probably didn’t steal from each other. None of them are adventurers so it would be dangerous for them to investigate. After a few murmurs between themselves, they shake hands and turn to the party. ‘That sounds like a great idea. And if you deliver, we will give you 50% of everything recovered, finder’s fee included in that of course.’”

GM: “Nice work everyone, we are on a new round. Do I need to continue Turn Time or can we return to Real Time?”

Since the tensions have passed, they agree to go to Real Time.

Atomic RPG System Real Time Game Mode Example

Turn Time is a little more structured. Turns are taken to keep order in the game. But players still can do whatever comes to mind. Sometimes time will be structured. Usually Turn Time involves Skill Encounters where players will use their wits and Skills to handle a situation instead of combat. 

Amy: “OK, so where are these things going missing?”

GM: “Milton speaks up as he knows all the stories. ‘Seems to me that everything that is going missing is on the east side of town.’ You see there are nods of agreement about this around the room.”

Dan: “Well, let us finish a meal together and then we will be on the case. Cheers!”

GM: “Everyone in the bar thinks that is a great idea. So you all can finish dinner and get to know people a little better. But there is not much more they can tell you other than specific areas where things go missing. Once you are all done with dinner you head over to that part of the village.”

GM: “The sun sets shortly after you leave the Lazy Mule. As requested you are in this part of the village at night, where the disappearances seem to be happening. Just as you start snooping around there is a strange noise in the shadows next to a farm house. You quickly realize it is a language, but not one humans speak. From the darkness a large bi-pedal lizard charges at Dan with a crude spear and tries to sink it into his heart!”

GM: (rolls a Combatant Attack Check against Dan’s Body Defense. He rolls a d20 plus modifiers with a result of 18. Since this roll is higher than Dan’s Body Defense, which is an 11 right now, the GM will roll damage. In this case it is a Basic Attack from the creature, which is a 1d4 plus 8 points, so the GM rolls a 4-sided die and adds 8 points. The total is 10 Hit Points of Damage to Dan’s character). “Dan, you take 10 hit points”.

GM: “We are entering Battle Time because you were ambushed. Roll Reaction checks”.

Atomic RPG System Battle Time Game Mode Example

Battle Time happens when battle erupts. There is a strict order of when players can act and what exactly they can do. Battle time is usually just a few seconds between turns, but it’s up to the GM. The GM calls on each player in the order of their most current Reaction checks

Dan: (Marks the Hit Point Damage he took, then he tries to attack the creature. Being hit by an ambush doesn’t make him happy so he will use his strong Combatant Power, Triple Strike. Dan rolls Combatant Attack against the creature’s Defense. His final roll is 13. The creature’s Body Defense is 10 so he hits!) “I quickly jab at the beast with my right, then my left fist comes around for a Haymaker and while the creature is off balance, I give it a snap kick to the groin!” (Dan rolls his damage. His big attack is 3d6 [3 six-sided dice] for a total of 15, plus his modifier of 5, for a total of 20 points of Hit Point Damage to the lizard creature).

GM: “Very nice hit! The lizard creature looks hurt pretty bad.”

Bob: “’Praise be the god of healing, show your mercy on my companion and mend his wounds!’ As I say this prayer, a beam of light shoots from my holy symbol over to Dan and surrounds him in light.” (Bob rolls his At-Will Defensive Mystic Power, Healing Light, which does 2d4+8 Hit Points of Healing. He rolls a total of 10. He doesn’t have to roll an Attack roll because Dan is a willing recipient of the healing). “Dan, you get 10 Hit Points back.”

Dan: “Thanks!”

Amy: “In case there are more of these things in the shadows, I call out to my allies to focus their might like the heroes of old, inspiring them to greater things. Everyone now has a Resistance of 10 for 2 rounds.” (Amy marks off her Defensive Generalist Power that helps her allies).

Casey: “I doubt this is the only one. I will use my power, Illuminating Radiance, to light the alley and weaken any enemies in there.” (Casey marks off her Offensive Mystic Power, Illuminating Radiance).

GM: “Good call! As your light illuminates the shadows on the side of the farm house, you see there are 5 more of these creatures! Roll an Attack Roll for the weakening part of your power”.

Casey: (Rolls an Offensive Mystic Attack of 1 against their Mind Defense. She rolled a 1 so that is a Fumble and an automatic miss)! “Ack! I fumbled that part.”

GM: “The creatures are not affected by your light and seem to be bolstered by their numbers. With hisses and snarls they advance, Round 2!”

The second round of Battle Time continues while the players and monsters battle each other, each taking turns doing whatever they think is best at their turn, not doing any actions when it is not their turn. Battle Time continues until the fighting ends. Game time will move right back to Real Time after Battle Time.

One of the best things about the Atomic RPG System is that once the players are out of Battle Time all of their Powers will return. This means that if they go around the corner and find another group, they will be able to face them with full Powers.

This is just a very quick example of how a few minutes of the Atomic RPG System game play would happen. Players of the Atomic RPG System system are really only limited by their own imagination as to what kind of character they play, what kind of campaign to play, and what can be done with the Atomic RPG System system.

Interested in learning more about the Atomic RPG System system? Read the Atomic RPG System section, what type of Atomic character to play.

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