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Character Rewards Experience and Treasure

Character rewards are important in any RPG. Character rewards encourage players to do well, work together, and try hard to be successful in their quests. In the Atomic RPG System the primary goal is to have fun. Players have fun playing the Atomic RPG System with friends, socializing, and creating awesome stories.  That is, and always should be, the primary goal and character reward for playing games. However, nipping at the heels of fun is the players’ expectations to gain experience, fame, treasure, and strength. They Atomic RPG System has both PCs and GMs covered with the streamlined way it handles character rewards  in the RPG.

The Atomic RPG System Doesn't Use Experience (XP)

The Atomic RPG System does not use experience points (XP) as character rewards. In many other RPGs, XP is handed out to individual players as character rewards for individual tasks. This character reward system is OK, but it has a few inherent problems.

The Problems with XP as a Reward

Tracking XP makes more work for Players and GMs .
GMs wasting lots of time figuring out XP instead of working on the meat of the game.
Players that miss a game are punished for being responsible taking care of real life.

Levels and Loot as Rewards

The Atomic RPG System gives the power to the GM to level the group up as a whole.

Generally in Atomic RPG System games, the group will level every 2 to 4 Adventures. However, the GM can have the group level between battles or never level at all. Either is OK depending on the type of game you’re playing. This flexibility ends up being a huge advantage in many ways.

The Great Benefits of using a No XP System

Easier Management

It cuts out time spent by both the players and the GM doing math homework to see if they can level up or not.

All of that saved time can be used to play!

Group Mentality

Succeeding as a group encourages the group to work together. Players don't fight over scraps of XP.

Instead, they can focus on their strengths to help out the group. This encourages great group cohesion.

Works With Real Life

Not having XP allows players with other obligations to not worry about falling behind in the game.

Players that occasionally miss games don’t have worry about keeping up with the rest of the group.

The Atomic RPG System gives the GM the ability to give character rewards at their own pace. The players benefit because they don’t have to compete against each other for XP or other character rewards. Instead players can work together towards greater glory!

When to Level a Group in the Atomic RPG System

Game Masters need to know when to level up the group. This boils down to a couple factors but ultimately boils down to:

Whenever the GM wants to!

That might be vague, so look below to some common guidelines to follow. These may help to keep everyone happy with the speed and pace of your game.

When to Level a Group in the Atomic RPG System

Here are a few guidelines that most games should follow in order to have a good progression through quests and campaigns.

This is a simple guideline to follow but has proven to be a pretty good measurement of the pace of the campaign. Even though there are not specific character rewards, the players feel like this is usually a good pace of advancement.

The GM can stretch this out or shrink it depending on the situation. The best gauge is to follow what your players would like. Generally it is nice to have a couple of play sessions after a level up so a player can use their new Powers and enjoy the new perks of their character. If after 3 or 4 sessions your players get tired of using the same old stuff, level them up! By keeping pace with the players, GMs are sure to run a fun and properly paced game.

To Level or Not, That is the Question

It’s important for the Game Master to be aware of when the group is going to level up or get other rewards. It’s important to reward good achievements. It’s even more important to not reward players for bad play, disruption, or failures.

Good Times to Level

Bad Times to Level

Ultimately it is up to the GM in the Atomic RPG System to determine how often characters will level up. The pace of any campaign should be discussed before it begins. Character rewards like leveling can easily be adjusted from quest to quest. The important thing is that players feel that their character rewards match the time and effort they spend in game.

This should help both players and GMs with leveling expectations. It might be strange not to have XP, but the benefits of this style of character advancement will become apparent as you begin to advance through levels!

PC Fame and Renown as Rewards

Fame often comes to a character or characters who save people from some great peril. Or it can come from defeating a powerful foe. Usually in RPGs the fame and renown is earned and shared through roleplay while a player is acting as their character. This can be a powerful character reward in of itself. This should be fostered by the GM and other players to provide a rich and fulfilling RPG gaming experience. Earning fame and renown are a lot of fun. It really does put the RP into RPG.

There are no set rules on how to do this. The best way is to provide a good example as a GM and roleplay your Non Player Characters (NPC’s, or characters or creatures that are controlled by the GM instead of players) as much as possible. NPC’s should react to the the PCs actions and visa versa.

The NPCs are also usually part of a community. So if the PC does something with one, for good or bad, it is often reflected in the NPCs around them. Their fame helps to immerse players into their characters which makes a more fun and believable game setting. 

Wealth and Treasure Character Rewards

One of the biggest motivations for players is treasure seeking. In so many books and movies the centerpiece of plot revolves around treasure. Often times it is a specific item of incredible strength or worth, or both. With the treasure the party gains on their quests, they can get better gear, buy nice places to live, and afford luxuries for their character.

How much treasure and wealth should Characters have?

Check out the table below to see the numbers. There is a target a GM should hit as well as a poor and rich threshold. This is designed so that characters remain in the “right” amount of strength coming from their items.

Character rewards, as with many things in the Atomic RPG System, all boils down to whatever the GM wants to do with the character rewards in their group. These are guidelines to follow for character rewards to make GMing easier and to keep the PCs in check. However, if the GM has other ideas or plans for character rewards for the PCs, that is the GM’s prerogative!

How to Fix PC Wealth Problems

There are a number of ways to solve PC wealth issues. It is important that these issues are fixed while playing the game. To suddenly strip a player of cash because they exceed the wealth limit will not be well received! Instead, tackle these issues through story and roleplay.Here are a few ideas that can be used to bring the PCs back into game balance.

Poor PC Solutions

Wealthy PC Solutions

These are just a few examples. Whole quests can be written around these circumstances allowing for more RPG fun. It is much better and far more fun to balance things out through stories and quests. This helps move the game along. It builds character relationships.  These problems can give ideas to the GM to create more quests. If done right, the PCs should never even know they are being balanced.

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