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Role Playing Aids

  • Advanced Atomic RPG System Role Play Generator (Coming Soonish!)

There are a surprising amount of things players can develop with a Atomic RPG System character without ever assigning a single score or number. First and foremost, players need to know the details of the Game Master’s (GM’s) campaign in order to develop campaign-appropriate characters. Once the GM has established what kind of campaign it is, players can flesh out the details of the character.

Below are a few things that all Atomic RPG System players should consider before building the Atomic RPG System stats of the character:

  • Name: What is the Atomic RPG System character’s name? Does the character have a nickname or title?
  • What: What is your Atomic RPG System character? Is it a robot, ghost, or elf? What is its ethnicity?
  • Description: Hair color and length, eye color, skin color, height, weight, age.
  • Disposition: What is the overall disposition of the Atomic RPG System character? Easygoing? Quick to anger?
  • Personality: What kind of personality does the Atomic RPG System character have?
  • Habits: Does the Atomic RPG System character have any habits?
  • Background: Where did the Atomic RPG System character grow up or live? Did the character have a big family or no family? Do they know their family? Did the Atomic RPG System character have another job or profession previously?

These are a few things to think about as you begin to create some of the best characters you will every have the chance to enjoy in the Atomic RPG System system. The Atomic RPG System is designed to be open and fluid, allowing both player and Game Master creativity to flourish and push gaming to the next level.

None of the decisions you make here should impact your Atomic RPG System game unless the GM is using an optional rule or has created house rules. So let your imagination run wild and make a great character that you will be care about, be invested in, and enjoy playing more that any previous character.

Once you have a good idea of who and what your Atomic RPG System character is, you should begin the process of assigning an Archtype, selecting a character Style, picking a Focus, and your character’s Disciplines. Armed with the tools and knowledge of a great character, the character building will be easy and should flow naturally. If you have any questions during the building process, don’t ask yourself “What would I want most?” ask yourself “What would my character want most?”

Good luck and have fun! Enjoy playing the Atomic RPG System system!