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Guidelines and Rules for Powers

Since Atomic RPG System Powers are open to nearly an infinite number of possibilities, there are some guidelines, rules, and ways they should be handled. Here are some things to remember when designing and using Powers. You can also check the FAQ for other questions you may have regarding Powers. Keep an eye out as this page will be updated frequently to keep Powers as clear as possible for all Atomic RPG System players.

One Attack Roll is made per Power

It doesn't matter how many things the Power hits, only one roll is made and that final number is used against all targets.
One Attack roll is made per Power, not per Target.

The character using the Power to Attack makes a single Attack Roll. Roll a d20 plus their Attack Modifier. The result will be used against all targets affected.

Combatant Attacks = Body Defense
Generalist Attacks = Spirit Defense
Mystic Attacks = Mind Defense

If there are multiple Targets the Power may hit some and not others.

No Attack Rolls Needed Against Allies

There is rarely a reason for an ally not want aid from a friend.
When using a Power on an ally, no Attack roll is needed if it is a beneficial Power. The ally can just allow the Attack to hit so that the ally character will receive the effects of the Power.

When using Powers that Heal allies, the player can opt to roll an Attack roll. The player may do this if they want a chance to Critically Heal that ally. The player risks missing, thus using up the Power, but also has a chance to Critically Heal that ally. If the player rolls a Critical Attack (20 on a d20 base) they will do the maximum amount of healing possible with this Power. This can be a great way to add some excitement and fun to the Atomic RPG System game.

The Number of Dice for a Power cannot exceed Character Level

Players cannot purchase more dice of damage/healing for their character then it's level.
The amount of dice that a Power can do on its own cannot exceed the character level of the character using it. This means a level 10 character can not use any Powers that have more than 10 dice of Damage/Healing they will do in a single round.

Powers that do Damage over multiple rounds are calculated on a round by round basis. The level 10 character could have a Power that did 10d4 Damage a round for 3 rounds. The total Damage this Power might cause is 30 dice, but that is spread over the three round duration.

Powers can have Specialties, Items, and other things that may increase the final dice used for the Power.

Power Costs are Multiplied By Duration and Targets

The more targets you have, the longer the Power last, the more Power Points the Power will cost.
When designing and upgrading Powers it is important to know the cost multipliers. All of the Powers effects will be multiplied by both the Duration of the Power and the Targets. Both Duration and Target base costs also raise slightly as the Duration and Targets increases.

Use the Atomic RPG System Power Generator's Power Cost Calculator built within it to see some of the Power Cost math as Powers are built. This should make it much easier for players to build the Power exactly how they want it.

Powers that affect Spaces must have a Shape

When Spaces are used as the Target a specific definition of what is affected.
Powers can have the Target of Spaces. The way this differs from Area of Effect (AOE) is that AOE is always a square (3x3 Spaces).

The Spaces Target Type is included in the Atomic RPG System Power System so players can create custom shapes to their Powers. Shapes are normally things like lines, hollow squares, cones, and other shapes.

The Shape of the Target Spaces must be chosen when the Power is created. The Power's Shape cannot be changed during normal game play. Shapes can be changed when the Power is modified such as when the player levels.

Powers can take on multiple shapes with the help of Specialties. Shapes should be described at the end of the Power's description.

Powers can have both Offensive and Defensive Effects

Advanced Powers can have both harm enemies and help allies at the same time.
If a Power has both Offensive and Defensive abilities, the majority of the Effect’s Power Points must be spent on the type of Aggression for the Discipline. This means if the Power is for an Offensive Discipline, the majority of the Power Points Effects must be Offensive.

When a Power has both offensive and defensive Effects the character can only use the bonus of the one that main part of the Power. Meaning, that if the mostly offensive and does a little healing. The character can use the Damage Bonus but not the Healing Bonus for the Power. Only one can be used.

Character Traits, Specialties, and Items can increase base Power Points

Increasing base Power Points allows the player to have more Power Points to spend on Powers.
The Character Traits for each of the disciplines changes the base Power Points that are calculated for the Discipline. By increasing a character Trait, its associated Discipline's Power Points will increase slightly.

Body Trait increases Combatant Power Points Mind Trait increases Mystic Power Points Spirit Trait increases Generalist Power Points

Character Specialties can also increase the base Power Points to a character's Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Power set.

Atomic RPG System Items can affect Power Point Pools as they can grant Specialties to the character. Items can increase the base Power Points to a character's Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Power set.

Unused Power Points cannot be Saved or Carried Over

Power Points cannot be "saved" and used at the characters next level.
The Power Point Pools are not currency that can be saved and used on other Powers or at later levels. Instead, think of Power Point Pools as the maximum amount of Powers that can be created at any one time. Using 90% or more of a character's Power Pool Points will keep the character in line, balance wise, with other characters of the same level.

Having a few Power Points left over in Power Pools is common.

Range is an easy way to use the last few points. If there is 4 or more Power Points left over they could be spent to add another small effect. Most effects begin only costing a few Points. This is assuming it is an Instant Duration Power or Power that hits 1 Creatures.

Dispel Powers can be created to remove Power Effects

Powers can have Dispel Effects on them that have the ability to remove unwanted effects.
These Powers will dispel a certain amount of Power Points. The amount that the Power will dispel will equal the total cost of the Power divided by the Targets hit with the Power.

Powers can be built to either dispel a Penalty or remove a Bonus from an Ally or Enemy.

If Power that costs 100 Power Points that is used on a single target will need to have a Dispel Effect of at least 100. A Power that costs 100 Power Points that is used on 4 targets will need to have a Dispel Effect of at least 25 per target. The Dispel Effect is spread out the same way when determining effectiveness. If a Dispel Effect of 100 is Targeted on 2 Targets then each Target will have a Dispel Effect of 50.

Skill, Reaction, or Combat Maneuver Only Powers

Defensive Powers that only modified these things can be use as a Free Action.
A player can create Defensive Powers that will change Skill Checks, Reaction Checks, or Combat Maneuvers. These Powers  can be used at the time of the roll without using an Action of their own. These Powers can only have the ability to modify these rolls. If it has any other effect it cannot be used at the same time as a the roll. These Powers can be used on others as well if they are within range of the Power. Doing so will NOT use the Action of the aiding player that round. This is a very handy Atomic RPG System rule to be able to instantly give boosts to a character when they may be most needed. If a player is set on adding more effects to Powers than those that modify Skill Checks, Reaction Checks, or Combat Maneuvers they can certainly do so. Since they cannot be used as part of a check these Powers should have at least a 1 Round Duration so the bonus can be used in the following round.

These are the main things to consider when working with Atomic RPG System Powers. Powers in the Atomic RPG System are at the heart of what characters can do. There is nearly an infinite number Power possibilities available in the Atomic RPG System. Keep checking back on this page as it will be periodically updated with the newest and most informative guidelines and rules for Powers in the Atomic RPG System system.

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