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Encounter Generator

Are you tired of trying to tweak pre-made encounters so that you can shoe horn them into your game? Now you no longer need to worry about that! With the Atomic RPG System Encounter Generator you can quickly and easily create the perfect Encounter that fits into your game.

Easily modify your Encounter by level, group size, difficulty, and Encounter type. Then add whatever custom content you want. Do you want some T-Rex’s air dropped onto your party with ninja assassins riding them? No problem! Do what you want. Play how you want. Create what you want with the Atomic RPG System Encounter Generator!

To get started fill out the basic details of your encounter. Name, Level, Difficulty, Group Size, but most importantly make sure to select the Type of Encounter you want to create. Then the Encounter Generator will change to fit the type of Encounter you are designing. 

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If you would like to load one of your existing custom encounters into the Encounter Generator just click on it’s name below. 


Don’t want to bother with trying to create your own custom Encounter? Try searching the public Encounters that everyone can use. These are updated frequently as Atomic RPG System players submit them for your enjoyment.