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Target Type for Powers

In the Atomic RPG System players are able to choose what kind of Targets can be assigned to their Powers.
This can be one or more individual creatures.
Targets can be large Area of Effect (AOE) that will affect anything within the AOE.
Players with very specific shapes they want to affect can choose the exact Spaces as a Target for a Power.

The following information is very valuable for choosing a Target Type for a character’s Powers. The Atomic RPG System system has a huge variety of options of Target Types, allowing Powers to be both versatile and effective.

Target Type:

Creatures is the main target type most powers will use. The most common will be 1 creature, which is the basic Target Type.

When you affect a creature it can either be a player character or a non-player character. A character's Power which hits more than one creature will only hit a creature within the range of the power. If the Power only has a range of 1, the creature(s) must be right next to the character. If the Power has a range of 10, the player using the power can designate any target within the range of 10 spaces. The targets do not have to be within 10 spaces of each other. This means that if a character has a Power that can affect two creatures within a range of 10, the character could target 1 creature located 10 spaces in front of them and one target 10 spaces behind them.

One of the main advantages of this type of Power target is that a player character can designate allies or enemies within a mass of mixed creatures and the Power will only hit the targets that the player character wishes to affect.

Target Type:
Area of Effect

The Area of Effect or AOE type of Target are Powers that affect everything in the area of effect.

They will affect both friend and foe unless modified through Specialties or other rarer means.

Area of Effect target areas will be designated by a size in spaces. A Power with an Area of Effect of 3 means that it will affect an area that is 3 spaces by 3 spaces for a total of a 9 spaces square. This type of target can be much larger but the main difference between Area of Effect and Targets is that your power will affect everyone, friend or foe, within the area of effect. Players characters with Powers with this kind of Target risk the chance of harming allies or healing enemies.

The Specialty "Exclude Target" can be used to keep allies safe from Area of Effect Powers.

Well thought out placement a Power with an AOE Target is important.

Target Type:

Spaces as a Target type act much the same way as Area of Effect targets as far the effects of those that are in the area where the Power is used.

The difference is that when you use Spaces as a Target type, the character will be allotted a certain number of spaces the Power can affect. This means that you can create the shape of the affected area of a Power with the Spaces type of target. This can be used for squares, lines, circles and more shapes.

There are a few rules that you must follow when creating Powers with Spaces as the Target Type.

Target Type:

Aura's are a powerful but costly Target Type. An aura is placed on a Target and emanates out from that Target a specific number of Spaces. Aura's can be both offensive based or defensive. Their application is broad but consideration should be taken when they are used as they are the most expensive Target Type.

Power Shapes Templates

There is a wide variety of shapes to choose from for the area of a Power with a Target Type of Spaces. Below are some templates you can use for your Powers. These are not the only shapes that are possible, but they should provide some ideas for the Power Shape.

Square Shape

Solid with equal length and width.

Examples Uses: Mainly used as a Square when the character has a Specialty that allows them to change Power Spaces Shape. This may be included along with the other Shapes in the Power description.

Line Shape

Solid with unequal length and width.

Examples Uses: Lightning, Breath Weapons, Guns, Projectiles

L Shape

As a Line but also must contain a 90 degree angle.

Examples Uses: Protecting Flank, Splitting the Battlefield. Hallway Traps

U or Z Shape

As a Line but also must contain two 90 degree angles.

Examples Uses: Protecting Creature, Entrance Traps, Shockwaves

Box Shape

As a Square but hollow in the middle.

Examples Uses: Personal Protection, Perimeter Traps

Cone Shape

Cone shapes solid areas have three sides. Cones always originate from the 90 degree corner.

Examples Uses: Breath Weapons, Blast Effects, Waves, Flame Thrower

Custom Shapes

If for some reason the above power shapes do not work for a character you can design a custom shape. It can be almost any shape. The main rule for creating custom shapes is that all of the spaces within the shape must be contiguous. Sketch the shape out on graph paper for Game Master approval.

Examples Uses: Custom Temple Trap, Large Scale Battles, First Floor Trap. Military Defenses

Area Effect Rule Samples and Applications

Here are some examples of area shapes and their uses. These diagrams layout some of the more common Power area’s that are used. These include obstructions that characters or their enemies can use to protect themselves from powers or possibly granting cover from Powers.

There are so many different types of Targets that can be selected in the Atomic RPG System that players should be able to create any effect they want with their custom Powers. Look through the Atomic RPG System Power Database to see what other players have created for ideas.

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