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Character Build Step Six:
Finalizing Your Character

Atomic RPG System Character Powers define a character’s “special moves”. Each Atomic RPG System character will have a set of Powers that they can use multiple times each day.

Powers are the core of the Atomic RPG System system and embody the infinite possibilities of the Atomic RPG System. Roleplay gamers are sure to love them, and players who are new to role play gaming will appreciate the ease of use!

After a player has gone through all of the character creation steps, it’s time to finish the Atomic RPG System character. By this time in the character creation process, a player should have a really good idea of what the character does. However, does the player know who this character is going to be? Does the player know the personality, background, and attitudes of this character? This is the part of the Atomic RPG System that is much more dependent on the player than the game system itself. It will be up to the player to decide how colorful, exciting, and fun this character will be to play. This is vital to finish and complete the character.

In the Atomic RPG System, who a character is and what they can do are separated to give the player the ultimate ability to role play their character and their abilities exactly how they want. RPG gamers can now play whatever and whoever they want in the Atomic RPG System.

Atomic RPG System Character Stats

The player should now have a really good idea of their character’s Skills, Power Disciplines, and general numbers of their character.

Now, it’s time for the player to figure out is why this character does what it does. Some players might have a good idea of who they were trying to make as they went through the build. Other players may not have an idea of who the character is. Now is the time to solidify that personality and role play aspect of the character.

The stats and numbers of your character can help a player decide what their role play might be with a character. But remember, your role play will have no affect on your character’s stats. In the Atomic RPG System, players do not role play to get any particular advantage or special treatment during the mechanical part of the game. They simply do it for the fun of it. This creates a fun and fast Atomic RPG System game where players can play their characters how they see fit.

So be free and let the thespian in you enjoy the freedom and ease of the Atomic RPG System!

The Things a Character Strives For

Now that the character is built and has a personality, it is time now to take some notes of what goals the character might have. What does the character want to gain by adventuring? Do they want to get rich, famous, discover new lands, or just survive another day? These are all motivators and should help the player choose actions and have meaningful goals in a Atomic RPG System. Share these goals with your GM so they can work to integrate these into the games they run.

Along with the role play goals, establish character stat, gear, and Power goals. Having an idea of where a player’s character wants to be as far as character build goes can also really help the player play their character in line with these goals. If a player wants their character to be a weapon master and gain both Superior Attack and Superior Damage Specialties, this will really help. In the Atomic RPG System mechanics the player knows that the character should train up these Specialties first before gaining other Specialties. On the role play side of things it will help the player focus time on practicing with their weapons, giving lessons to others, or taking time out to study under a Weapon Master. This will only help to enrich the character and the Atomic RPG System game.

Make sure to go into the Character Sheet for this character and edit the Role Play information. This section may not have any mechanical effect on the Atomic RPG System. It will make a huge difference in the character and how easy it will be to play it.

Breathing Life into the Character

With all of this information, ideas, and plans, it’s time to find a few things to finish that will breathe life into this fantasy character.

The best way to help a player bring their character to life is to act as their character at the game table. Try to speak in the first person as a character instead of saying things like “My character does this.” We are naturally social and first person creatures and this translates perfectly into RPGs when we are our characters.

Another thing that can really help breathe life into that character are speaking in an accent or speaking in a way that is different from your normal voice. If your character knows another language, actually use that other language at the table. Even if it doesn’t exist, make it up! It can be a lot of fun.

For some players a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Find an image of your character. You can draw your character image. Some gamers dress up like their character and take a picture of themselves. There are many great artists online that have just about any character image you could want. Make sure that the artist allows use of their work. Always respect copyright.

Props can give the player something tangible to remind the player and the group of the character they are playing. Props can be almost anything as long as they are not too disruptive at the gaming table. Hats, glasses, gloves, stuffed animals, trinkets, and any number of other objects can work great. Take this a step further and play the Atomic RPG System dressed as your character! This will get most players “into character” too!

Anything that shows the character’s personality, genre, or quirks is helpful for staying in character.

Separate Rules and Role Play to Finish

Finish up a Atomic RPG System character by understanding and acknowledging the separation of mechanics and role play in the Atomic RPG System. In the Atomic RPG System the mechanics are the rules, and they dictate success or failure in an encounter. The role play in the Atomic RPG System is not a part of the rules. The role play does not influence the success or failure of an encounter. A player could describe their role play as simply or as complex as they wish and it will have no bearing on the mechanics and the success of an encounter. This has been mentioned many times in the Atomic RPG System and will be mentioned again because it is so important.

This has some fantastic and surprising game effects. The Atomic RPG System is more fun because players can play the characters they want. The description is just role play flavor. The rules are simple, so the Atomic RPG System is easy to play.  The Atomic RPG System system is designed so players can actually play the most complicated and customized characters they can imagine because the Atomic RPG System is so flexible and easy!

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