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The idea is that a character has a primary thing they are good at (Archetype/Primary Discipline). But a character can also have a few other abilities of other Archetypes if they want. Or can gain further abilities for their their main character idea through Secondary/Tertiary Powers.

Then the Focus determines how each of the three Disciplines are weighted. How many Power Points you have in each to get Powers.

Equal Power Points in each of the three.

Lots of Power Points in Primary.
Some Power Points in Secondary.
No Power Points for Tertiary.

Many Power Points in Primary.
Some Power Points in Secondary.
A few Power Points in Tertiary.

Check out this page where I try to show how you can mix and match Archtype and Focus to create the kind of character you are looking for.


I hope this helps clear it up some. Let me know what other questions you may have.