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Alright – Well I have maxed my PC to level 20 and tweaked powers and descriptions. Please feel free to review and share thoughts. I’m now starting on PC #2 of Team 7 that has to do with Naruto universe – his rival Sasuke.

I went with the powers I did because Naruto wants to be the first into the fray so I went with the following Specialties:

Speed Increase
At Will Cap Increase
Damage Boost, Increase, and Roll Minimum
Reaction Increase

My vision for this PC was to have him take advantage of Shadow Clone Attacks with Damage Increase, Rolls, and Speed by getting in there first and causing havoc on single PC baddies. I chose the Damage Boost to compliment my Demon Fox Rasengan and add the 40% on top of with a successful hit to mitigate any major foe. I really tried to go with a well rounded Combatant that has some range and party buffing abilities as well with the Sexy Harem and Explosive Tags.