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These characters look great and will make awesome additions to the database. I know we have gone back and forth a few times but they are 20th level characters so don’t think you are doing a poor job. In fact, you are doing a great job. There are just a lot of things that need to be included to make a complete, quality, 20th level PC.

Looks fantastic. This character has the some issues as the other ones. You need to give them some awesome gear. I like the headband common item between them. That is very cool. But they also need at least 5 items each equipped to further modify them.

+Offensive Gear – Attack, Damage etc.
+Defensive Gear – Defenses, Recovery, Hit Points etc.

Some other things to think about might be items that increase speed and mobility. Items that grant some extra Specialties or even items that give them more Powers.

Anyway, awesome start on these characters. Just a few more tweaks by giving them some items and they should be good to go.

For the full guidelines on submissions you can look here: https://atomicrpgsystem.com/game-tools/my-custom-pcs/atomic-rpg-submission-guidelines/
The best rule of thumb is that they need 1 “thing” per character tier. So a 5th Tier character needs 5 each of just about everything (Items, Powers, RP Notes, Images, Personality, Physical, Historical, etc). This way there is a full and deep character for the Character Tier they are.

Polish these off and resubmit and we can get them accepted. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks!