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      This is a great place to talk about and place your character builds. With the huge amount of options available to characters it will be a great benefit to see how you implement character ideas.

      When you’re presenting a character build idea, make sure that the core is spelled out (Archetype, Style, Focus) and then a short description of what you are trying to achieve. Then explain how you create the character to achieve these goals. This can be anything from a short list of general ideas about how to create a character to a full copy/paste from the character leveling section with details on each specific decision.

      I look forward to seeing what the community comes up with!

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      Magus from Chrono Trigger: https://atomicrpgsystem.com/game-tools/character-sheet/?charID=602

      Mystic, Aggressor, Balanced

      I’ve had a few characters in my PC’s collecting dust that I’ve really wanted to build out for a while now, however, the rules have been updated a few times and I’ve had to go back to the drawing board to fit the parameters of the system. Taking some time this afternoon, I was able to build out how I perceive this video game baddie to be for tabletop.

      Magus uses all forms of known magic (Fire, Ice, Lightning, and then Shadow Magic). I built him because I really enjoy his back story of being prior royalty, the vulnerability he showed as a small boy, the closeness to his lost sister and his despise for Lavos. I wanted to achieve a character that if left unchecked could sway the battlefield in the hero’s favor.

      I built a variety of powers that allowed for some group heals, offensive defense with his Dark Aura (Anyone foolish enough to fight close quarters will pay and to account for his squishiness), while really paying homage to his original powers (i.e. Dark Matter, Shadow Barrier and his elemental magic attacks.) I really focused on range, accuracy, damage and critical abilities. Magus isn’t a step into the fray kind of fighter in my opinion and the ability to make enemies pay from afar are what does it for me.

      For flavor, I did “create” his final weapon from the SNES Chrono Trigger Game: The Dream Scythe. The text is mainly for flavor, however, I did add additional bonuses to At-Will, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Power Points. I think out of all of the specialties these are my favorite. I enjoy the chance to make more and bigger powers and these are right up my alley. I also like the idea of longer-duration bonuses. Not being face to face in the fight make me feel like I am contributing with a character like Magus.

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