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      My current character Wren 1178 reflects th following:

      Inner Gate of Life
      Force power restores ally vitality.
      7d10 Healing (39) Target: Creature (1) Range: 4 Spaces Duration: 2 Rounds
      Aggression: Defensive | Discipline: Mystic and Generalist | Use In: BT TT RT Cost: 107

      I have the ability: Improved Heal Roll Minimum
      Heal die rolls equal to or less than 3 increase to 4.

      In reviewing the auto-roller, the average reflected is 49 instead of 39. Which is correct?

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      The dice roller calculates the Dice Minimum set. The Powers on the Character Sheet does take that into effect when it gives the average roll. So use the 49 as an average.

      This is also true for anyone using Damage Roll Minimum. Find your averages on the dice calculator as it will be higher then what is calculated on the character sheet.

      I will add this to the Character Sheet calcs as soon as I can. Thanks!

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      The dice calculator can be found under tools.

      Atomic RPG System Random Dice Roller

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