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      Here is a Atomic RPG System playable game example for all the players that are new to the Atomic RPG System or RPGs in general. This quick quest is a very simple story with a taste of all of the elements that make up a well rounded Atomic RPG System game.

      Atomic RPG System Instant Play Adventure

      This Atomic RPG System Instant Play Quest has all the materials and assets created for this game session. All you will need is a few friend to try it out with.

      • 10 characters are pre-built that the players can choose to play. Including all their Powers and items.
      • All of the GM information is spelled out and ready to be presented. Just step through it.
      • Non-player Characters, monsters, maps and other things the GM will need for the quest are built and ready to use.

      All of these are things that anyone with a free Atomic RPG System account can create and use. This is just an example of a classic RPG scenario. Members of the Atomic RPG System are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and create their own great quests!

      If you are new to the Atomic RPG System give this Instant Play Quest a try with your friends and let us know here how it went. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know below.

      Thanks for playing the Atomic RPG System!

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      Please let me know if you have any questions or confusion with this Instant Play Quest. I tried to make it as clear as possible but it can be hard to look at it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know RPGs as the one that has designed it.

      I want to make this as easy as possible to play. So let me know your suggestions for making it better.


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      Read through and played the Instant Play Quest – Pretty fun little introduction. I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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      Fantastic! I know it’s not the biggest and best quest out there but hopefully it really helped introduce you to the system.

      Did you find anything confusing? Was it clear? How would you make it better so even people with no idea of an RPG could play through it?

      Thanks for playing!

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      We had some long discussions on Focus Types and Discipline choosing for 2nd and 3rd Powers. That was probably where most of our conversation was around – The point being made, that if I choose a combatant, why do I have to choose again for additional powers?

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      The idea is that a character has a primary thing they are good at (Archetype/Primary Discipline). But a character can also have a few other abilities of other Archetypes if they want. Or can gain further abilities for their their main character idea through Secondary/Tertiary Powers.

      Then the Focus determines how each of the three Disciplines are weighted. How many Power Points you have in each to get Powers.

      Equal Power Points in each of the three.

      Lots of Power Points in Primary.
      Some Power Points in Secondary.
      No Power Points for Tertiary.

      Many Power Points in Primary.
      Some Power Points in Secondary.
      A few Power Points in Tertiary.

      Check out this page where I try to show how you can mix and match Archtype and Focus to create the kind of character you are looking for.


      I hope this helps clear it up some. Let me know what other questions you may have.

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