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      I have been a Naruto fan for quite some time and am making Team 7 with Sasuke and Sakura as well. I wanted to make (I feel) a close resemblance of Naruto according to the Atomic layout. for anyone that knows the show, going with a in your face Combat style character is pretty much a Naruto staple.

      I also added some of his roleplay elements (likes Ramen, wants to be Hokage) and included the First Hokage’s Pendant given to him by Tsunade under the items section. All can be found in the character sheet below. I will eventually attempt making Sage Mode Naruto. I still have some item creation to complete, but also added Sasuke and Sakura. I have to say that I was pretty excited about Naruto, but after making Sasuke and Sakura – I found that Sakura is my favorite of the 3.

      Please look and provide any feedback. I’m happy how all of them came out, and they are all pretty unique in their styles.

      Naruto Level: 20th | Archetype: Combatant | Style: Aggressor | Focus: Focused


      Sakura Level: 20th | Archetype: Mystic | Style: Nuetral | Focus: Devoted


      Sasuke Level: 20th | Archetype: Mystic | Style: Agressor | Focus: Focused


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      I am not familiar with this story but I think they character looks awesome. Great job so far.

      Only your Atomic Friends will be able to see this character. So when it is done, Contribute him so that he will be able to be seen in the public database. This is a great character and I love how you have captured the them. I can get a feel of who Naruto is even though I have never seen the show.

      Here are my thoughts to polish up the character to have them ready for submission.

      RP (Roleplay)
      Looks great but have long descriptions. Try to shorten them. “Has a seal jutsu mark on his abdomen.” || “Jutsu Mark on Abdomen”
      Add a Language.
      Add at least one character note to help describe how this character might be played, motivations, and/or tactics. As someone who is not familiar with this character I would need at least a little direction to understand how this character is built and should be played.
      You may want to mention the other characters and/or npcs that are created in the notes. This way players can easily find related Atomic RPG System content.

      First Hokage Necklace is a little to strong for a 1st level character. The value should remain under the wealthy limit of 3,750. You can see the character wealth range here: https://atomicrpgsystem.com/character-rewards-experience-treasure/ Scroll down to “Character Cash Table – Click to Enlarge”

      This item would be a good thing to “level up” as you played the character though. Perhaps it could unlock further Powers.

      Shadow Clone Jutsu – Very cool but this Power will need a range of at least 1 to affect an enemy with the Defenses -1.
      Demon Fox Cloak – Same as above.
      Uzumaki Barrage – Needs a Range of at least 1 to affect another target.

      I will add validation to the builder that requires a Range of at least 1 with Offensive Effects.

      Need to have a good description of the character in Level One Notes. This is the description that shows up as the base character description in the character search tool.

      Other than those couple small things this character looks great. I love what you have done with it. Keep up the good work!

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      Alright – Well I have maxed my PC to level 20 and tweaked powers and descriptions. Please feel free to review and share thoughts. I’m now starting on PC #2 of Team 7 that has to do with Naruto universe – his rival Sasuke.

      I went with the powers I did because Naruto wants to be the first into the fray so I went with the following Specialties:

      Speed Increase
      At Will Cap Increase
      Damage Boost, Increase, and Roll Minimum
      Reaction Increase

      My vision for this PC was to have him take advantage of Shadow Clone Attacks with Damage Increase, Rolls, and Speed by getting in there first and causing havoc on single PC baddies. I chose the Damage Boost to compliment my Demon Fox Rasengan and add the 40% on top of with a successful hit to mitigate any major foe. I really tried to go with a well rounded Combatant that has some range and party buffing abilities as well with the Sexy Harem and Explosive Tags.

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      Sounds great! I will check it out after we are done with Malcon. 🙂

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      Updated main post with addition of Sasuke and Sakura. This makes all of team 7 for the Naruto series.

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      Awesome man! I will take a look at them. Make sure to Contribute their custom items and powers as well.

      I plan to add a feature that submits all of there stuff at once when you do the character… it just isn’t quite ready yet so you have to do it manually.

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      Naruto is looking pretty sweet man. Nice work! The only thing I see is that he should have a couple more items.

      +Offensive Item – Like bonus to attack or damage would fit in well.
      +Defensive Item – Something that has bonuses to Defenses at least.

      Total cash value of character should be as close to 1,250,000 as you can. You are about halfway there with your current items so you should be able to add a couple very nice items.

      This can be found here: https://atomicrpgsystem.com/character-rewards-experience-treasure/

      The only other thing I might add is more character notes with more details on Naruto, references to outside sources etc. So like a wiki, Netflix, or whatever.

      Then just make sure you submit all those items and powers along with the character and I will get it approved for you.

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      I will tell you the same thing with Sakura, she needs more gear.

      +Offensive Item – Bonus to attack or range would fit in well.
      +Defensive Item – Something that has bonuses to Defenses at least.
      +Healing Item – Something that boosts here healing and buffing ability.

      Just looking at some of the images you could easily do a uniform, tabard, shoes, shuriken, or other weapon for items.

      Same goes for the RP section. A little more might be nice or at least some references for more detailed info on her or the show.

      Also I noticed that two languages were added to once slot. I have split these off into two. Maybe I will make these drop downs. Problem with that is there are potentially a LOT languages that could be in the list.

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      These characters look great and will make awesome additions to the database. I know we have gone back and forth a few times but they are 20th level characters so don’t think you are doing a poor job. In fact, you are doing a great job. There are just a lot of things that need to be included to make a complete, quality, 20th level PC.

      Looks fantastic. This character has the some issues as the other ones. You need to give them some awesome gear. I like the headband common item between them. That is very cool. But they also need at least 5 items each equipped to further modify them.

      +Offensive Gear – Attack, Damage etc.
      +Defensive Gear – Defenses, Recovery, Hit Points etc.

      Some other things to think about might be items that increase speed and mobility. Items that grant some extra Specialties or even items that give them more Powers.

      Anyway, awesome start on these characters. Just a few more tweaks by giving them some items and they should be good to go.

      For the full guidelines on submissions you can look here: https://atomicrpgsystem.com/game-tools/my-custom-pcs/atomic-rpg-submission-guidelines/
      The best rule of thumb is that they need 1 “thing” per character tier. So a 5th Tier character needs 5 each of just about everything (Items, Powers, RP Notes, Images, Personality, Physical, Historical, etc). This way there is a full and deep character for the Character Tier they are.

      Polish these off and resubmit and we can get them accepted. Keep up the awesome work! Thanks!

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