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      This forum was set up so players could find each other to game. So please post if you are looking for a group or starting one of your own!

      Some other great tools to use to get going gaming are:

      MeetUp.com – A good places to look for local RPG groups.

      Game Stores – Try your local game stores to find players or a group. Post fliers, join their social networks, and talk to the owners to help push interested players your way.

      Local Libraries – Local libraries often have gaming clubs.

      Local schools and universities – There are often gaming clubs that are looking for more players.

      Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit are all pretty good places to track down gamers. Check out hashtags, groups dedicated to gaming to find players near you.

      Remote Play – Roll20.com and other similar sites are decent places to find remote players. A little upfront work may be needed to set up the Atomic RPG System. Hopefully, I will be able to get some integrations with these 3rd party services.

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