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      Here are a few videos I created to help explain what Powers are and why they are so awesome.

      Power Description
      In this Atomic RPG System video I go through the description and idea around character Powers. Powers are the central part of what your Atomic RPG System character will be able to do during a game session. It’s important to have a good understanding of Atomic RPG System Powers and how they differ from other RPGs to get the most out choosing and creating them.

      Power Mechanics
      This Atomic RPG System tutorial video deep dives into the mechanics of character Powers. Powers are the core of the Atomic RPG System and are what give characters the abilities that make them so unique. Powers can range from a sword slash, hypodermic that increase speed, a fireball to blast enemies, magically healing an ally, a rallying cry, a sniper shot, teleporting, a satellite laser strike, and anything in between.


      Post your questions on Powers in the forums.

      If you have any other videos you would like me to create about Atomic RPG System Powers please let me know.

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