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      I was trying to find a full description of how recovery works in game. So far as I can find on the website, recovery functions during battle time at the end of a PCs turn by healing the PC by a certain number of hitpoints and the GM dictates how many hitpoints are recovered and at what rate out of combat. This is all of the data that I can extrapolate from the website at this point.

      My main curiosity is how does this work if a PC is dropped to 0 or below and is unconscious. Is Recovery still active when the PC is uncon or does the character have to consciously cause Recovery to take effect?

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      Good question! Recovery works as long as you are alive. You do not have to concentrate on it or anything.

      However, recover is not considered a Heal. So if you are below 0, you recover from the amount you are at, not from 0 as if you were healed.

      So you can get Recovery high enough to stop Bleed, but it still may take some time for you to wake back up.

      To address your concern with details on effects. Where did you look? Where does it make sense to have something that describes in details the effects of the game? I am working on detailed descriptions but am not sure where to put the “master list”. Should it be on the Power Generator (extra tab) or in the Power section?

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      I think it might be wise to have a FAQ for each section.

      Specialties FAQ
      Power Effects FAQ
      Item Effects FAQ

      Each on a separate tab maybe? Or at least an easily seen link on the power generator and item generator as well as on the specialty search. I know it’ll be a lot of work to get an in depth FAQ written for each and every specialty tree, item effect and power effect but I believe it will be beneficial to give a blurb as to how they actually work gameplay terms.

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      There is a FAQ that can be found here: https://atomicrpgsystem.com/atomic-rpg-faq/

      It does not have a lot of info in it yet. I have been adding them as I see similar questions arise.

      I will push up the addition of detailed information on effects and specialties. I will try to get that added in asap.

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