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What is the difference between a Move and Traveling?

A Move in the Atomic RPG System is used during Battle Time. It is the micro movement of a character when every motion counts. Characters can also exceed their weight limits with Athletic Skill checks for a Move. For more information on this please visit Battle Time. Traveling in the Atomic RPG System is used during Turn […]

Can I change my Atomic RPG System Character?

As a general Atomic RPG System rule, players can adjust their characters when they level up. This means players can change aspects of their character on top of the normal changes that come with leveling. This helps players adjust their characters continuously. Players can easily adapt to the game they are playing or to changes […]

What are Power Points?

Power Points are the number of points any particular character has to use to create the Powers and abilities of the character. Each character Focus has a different ratio of Power Points that will be available for that particular character. Balanced characters have the most Power Points, but their maximum they can use per Power […]

What is Character Tier?

Character Tier represents a broad group that all character fit into. This group represents a tier of general strength of a character to other characters. Character Tiers represent a general strength of a character. Where as Character Levels represent the specific strength of a character. Character Tiers are also in many game situations where a bonus […]