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Can a character be forced off a ledge?

Yes. A character can use a Combat Maneuver or Power to force another character off a ledge. This must move the character into the space past the edge of the ledge. At that point both characters should roll a Reaction check. If the character that is being pushed off wins, they finish the move at […]

Can forced movement cause damage?

No. Forcing another character into an obstacle does not cause damage. The Move would stop where the obstacle is. However, an Advanced Atomic Power can have both a Move and Damage component. Keep in mind that a character can only Move by means of its normal Movement type. A character that has Ground Movement can […]

Do you roll Attack Rolls for each target of an attack?

When you use a Power with multiple targets you will make only one Attack roll. The result of the roll will be the Defense that your Attack hist. You will compare this number to the Defenses of the targets that you attacked. If the number is equal to or greater to Defense of the target […]