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Famous Last Words in Roleplaying Games

Famous Last Words in Roleplaying GamesWhat are your favorite famous last words in roleplaying games? I know you have them, what are they?

So many times we say just the right (or wrong) thing and the GM busts out some crazy story, monster, or twist that has us players eating our words. These phrases are usually uttered before some awesome epic thing happens in the story that you are playing. Often times these tales are told and retold years after gaming. Nearly all of them stem from a group of famous last words that are spoken by the player before they do something crazy. Or even something the Gamemaster have their non-player characters say just before their demise.

Some of these famous last words are self evident while others are not so clear. These may need a little bit of a story or history so others can get the full feel of the famous last words and what they really meant to the player and the gaming group.

Here are a few of my favorite famous last words. Add yours in a comment below. Then we can see this list grow!

Famous Last Words in RPGs

  • We got this!
  • Mmmmm easy XP!
  • That doesn’t look scary.
  • I’m sure this is just a random encounter.
  • Let’s see what happens.
  • Just hit it with your axe!
  • Go on, push it!
  • Distract (the responsible player) for a moment.
  • We’re epic, falling damage can’t kill us.
  • I’m bored.
  • I want to climb the dragon.
  • These dice never fail me!
  • We split up to cover more ground.
  • Go on 3. One, Two I CHARGE!
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • Oops.
  • Shiny!
  • The GM wouldn’t dare!
  • Just don’t roll a 1.
  • I finally finished painting my figurine.
  • I’ll scout ahead since I’m the stealthiest.

Inspired by some of the other famous last word lists out there I wanted to get a new fresh one started here.

If you have any you want to add please do so in the comments below and I will add them to the famous last word list here. If you have any good stories to go along with your famous last words, share those too! There are way too many great gaming stories that go untold or shared. What great gaming stories do you have about you or another’s famous last words at the gaming table?

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