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Glenn of The Walking Dead Is Not Dead

Fans of The Walking Dead have been wondering for weeks now about what’s happened to Glenn. We last saw him surrounded by walkers and do not know his fate for sure, but I think there’s no way he’s dead. He is a survivor. Plus after binge watching old episodes of The Walking Dead again, I noticed that he’s the character they always make you think they’ve killed. But Glenn always makes a badass comeback. In fact, this isn’t the first time Glenn has been trapped under zombies and slipped away on The Walking Dead. Yes, it’s a nail biter and us normal people would be traumatized and eaten. That is not the case when it comes to Glenn, he is a alpha survivor on The Walking Dead.

Here are the facts:

  • Glenn is a slippery and crafty character.
  • He can totally fit under the dumpster.
  • You see him screaming but as the shot pans out, his screaming face disappears. It is not covered, it vanishes as if you miss him slide under the dumpster.
  • Scott Gimple (and the other writers) are sadists. Not only do they want to make us squirm and cry, they are taunting us now (for two weeks at least) with Glenn’s death. If he is dead, this could possibly be one of the most messed up and horrific things writers have ever done to their audiences.
  • It looks like Glenn is being eaten but it is a perspective shot.
  • Steven Yeun did not appear on the Talking Dead.
  • Look at the visceral deaths we have recently witnessed. We had to watch Noah’s horrific death and knew for sure he was dying.

In addition, I just checked Glenn’s stats and he is totally built for being able to get out of situations like this. Check him out!

Glenn of the Walking Dead

Glenn of Walking Dead Atomic RPG System Character Sheet

Glenn is a master of cheating death and narrow escapes. Glenn’s Powers clearly show that he can escape the situation he is in and will be stronger for it.

Glenn is a Neutral Generalist giving him great scores in his skills. This gives him the ability to think quickly on his feet and do well in nearly any kind of situation.

Glenn a few decent Offensive Powers he can use to get out of a bind. But his biggest strength are his Defensive Powers which he uses to keep himself and his allies going even in “hopeless” looking situations.

On top of all this Glenn has the Power Amazing Escape, which he uses frequently to avoid situations that would kill most other characters on The Walking Dead.

So no reason to worry. Glenn is not dead on The Walking Dead. He will make it out somehow and it will be glorious!

If for some reason you don’t know about The Walking Dead you can check them out here: https://www.amc.com/shows/the-walking-dead

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