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Play Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter is now in theaters. As a demonstration I thought it would be fun to whip up Kaulder the Witch Hunter as a character in the Atomic RPG System. At this point I am taking inspiration from the movie, trailers, wikis, and this great video of Vin Diesel playing Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter in a Dungeons and Dragons setting.

Here is my first take on Kaulder the Witch Hunter set at 8th level like in the video. Of course you may create him differently and that is exactly the point of the Atomic RPG System, to create the exact character you want to play!

Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter

Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter

Check out the Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter Character Sheet to see the details of what I built. All his Powers were custom created for him. His Specialties and Trait choices go along with my interpretation, detailed below.

Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter seems to heavily lean on a combat and melee role that is backed up by magic and a few other tricks. With this in mind, I created Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter as Mystic Aggressor who is Focused. This allows me to use the Mind Trait with both offensive and defensive abilities, as more of a “thinking fighter” than a “brute fighter”. This works well to give him bonuses to Attack, Damage, and some Healing.

I am also building him so that he is somewhat self sufficient, that he’s developed abilities to keep him going solo for so long. Focusing on Mind as the top Trait with Body close behind makes it so Kaulder the Last Witch Hunter is strong against both Mystics and Combatants.

His Powers focus mostly on damaging and killing witches and their allies. He does have a few Powers to help himself and any allies he has make it through tough situations.

Some of the other player character party members could be Dolan the 37th and Cloe the witch. As with every character created in the Atomic RPG System it is ultimately up to you what you would like to build. Do you make Dolan the 37th a buffing and healing Generalist or a smiting and healing Mystic? What about Cloe? Would you want to focus on penalties and bonuses as a Generalist or go all in as a combat Mystic? She could even be a great Combatant with the right Power focus.

What about the NPCs? There are all kinds of great choices a GM could pick straight out of the movie. This type of setting is great because it allows GMs to use modern day enemies, medieval enemies, and everything in between! With the lore that is already out there I am sure that GMs could easily turn this setting into an intriguing and fun campaign setting.

Ultimately it is up to the players. That is what makes the Atomic RPG System so fun: its flexibility to let the players create the kind of characters they want. So, are you going to make a Last Witch Hunter type character? What kind of Powers, Specialties, and other things would you use to make the perfect Last Witch Hunter for you? Post your thoughts and character links below.

Last Witch Hunter Official Trailer


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