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      Atomic RPG System FIX Update – 8-19-2015

      Hello everyone! Not a ton of updates for the fix update this month due to Malcon in Denver. It went great but left me little time to do much bug hunting on the website.

      Thanks to all those that came out to see us at MALCon! (Myths and Legends Convention) If you did make sure to use your special promo codes before September 17th when they expire. Grab the deal now while you can!

      Here are the update notes for the mid month fix.


        New Player Characters added!


        New Non-Player Characters added!


        New Powers added!


        New Items added!


        New RPG Motivational Posters added!


        New RPG Meme’s added!


        Server Optimizations


        Cleaned up buttons on My Custom PCs.


        Cleaned up buttons on My Custom NPCs.


        Cleaned up buttons on My Custom Items.


        Cleaned up buttons on My Custom Powers.


        CSS corrections on submitted item description.


        UX improvements to My Custom Powers.


        Specialty line “Add Ignore Damage” has been changed to “Additional Ignore Damage” for clarity.


        Moderate Submission Improvements.

      As always please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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