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      Sorry this is a bit late everyone. With all of the gaming conventions going on I have not had the chance to get much new stuff created. So this month’s updates are a bit light. There was a good set of characters and items that were added. Browse through if you get the chance. More to come as I get time to create it!


      • New Player Characters added!


      • New Non-Player Characters added!


      • New Powers added!


      • New Items added!


      • New RPG Motivational Posters added!


      • New RPG Meme’s Now over 100 awesome RPG memes!


      • Corrected background on Edit Character Items page when character does not have any items.


      • Many mobile optimizations.


      • Fixed text for Characters Left in the RP Notes section of the Edit Character Roleplay page.


      • Bug where if too many characters were entered into the RP Note Descriptions they would not get added to the database at all. Now a warning window will ask to correct the entry.


      • Added short delay to tooltips. This should help solve the issue of too many of them popping up as you scroll across and area.
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