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Is my billing information secure on AtomicRPG.com?

We do not store any of your billing information on our servers. We process all of our billing on PayPal servers. This way you can be sure that you information is safe and protected by one of the most advanced and protected services in the world!

Does downgrading my account lose my characters and other content?

No it doesn’t. You will continue to have all of the characters and other custom Atomic RPG System content you have created. The account will however lose the ability to edit the older characters and other custom Atomic RPG System content. The most recently modified content will be what is still available to edit. In […]

Change Subscription Level For AtomicRPG.com

If you would like to change your membership level in order to gain access to additional content on our site, follow these simple instructions. These instructions also apply if you are interested in downgrading your membership level. Log in to your membership account. From your My Account page, click the link to “Change Membership Level”. […]

Do you need billing information for a free Atomic RPG System account?

No billing information is needed for free Atomic RPG System accounts. Username, password, and an email is all we need to get you started playing the Atomic RPG System! Then you can enjoy the Atomic RPG System free membership for as long as you want. Thanks for playing the Atomic RPG System! No billing information is […]

What’s the difference between a Free and Premium account?

Anyone can play the Atomic RPG System for free without fear of “paywalls” or “pay for power”. Premium accounts have more room for custom PCs, NPCs, Powers, and Items. See the details of the differences here. Try it without risk for 30 days, if you don’t like it cancel at anytime. Thank you for playing the […]