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10 Commandments of RPG Gaming

The 10 Commandments of RPG gaming are things that successful players and groups should follow. Using this simple set of 10 commandments for RPG gaming you are sure to have a better time playing. These are in no particular order, but all 10 Commandments share equal weight in creating a successful game.

So here they are.

10 Commandments of RPG Gaming

Thy GM Is Always Right

Not in the sense of actually being omniscient. Instead, they are always right like a judge. Seek understanding from the GM if you are unclear. But if you understand but don’t agree, you’ll need to go with it.

You can always talk more about it after the game if necessary.

Thy GM Is Not Thy Enemy

They are there ultimately to make you a hero. But in the process, they should make it hard and/or interesting to become one.

If the GM wanted to, they could absolutely obliterate every character, every time. But if that’s the case, you should probably look for a different group…

Thou Must Be Prepared

Always arrive at the game prepared and ready to play. It is rude to show up at a game without leveling up your character, applying the new items you got last game, or asking for information that should have been discussed between games.

Arrive ready to play.

Thou Shalt Trust the Dice

Dice are used to randomize the outcome of actions. Your actions will likely turn out well if you are good at something, and poorly if you are bad at something. But the dice create the excitement, drama, and uncertain outcomes of everything we do.

Respect and appreciate all dice roll results, good and bad. Some of the best RPG stories come from characters figuring out what to do after their glorious plan falls to ruins due to a bad roll.

Thy Story Makes Thy Game

Make an effort to pay attention, participate in, and be a part of the story of the quest. It is the driving factor behind the fun, interest, and sudden excitement in a game.

Invested players have more fun.

Thou Art A Character

Be your character. Act as your character. Talk as your character. Make decisions as your character. A character in the game is much more fun and interesting than a player rolling stats at the table.

As your character you are part of the game.

Thou Shalt Work Together

Everyone at the table, including the GM, is there to play together. Work together towards a good game and you will have a good game. Make an effort to work with your fellow players, and respect their turns and their time in the spotlight.

Be a player and a character that wants to work with a group.

Covet Thy Resources And Thy Tools

Know as much of the rules, the story, the characters, the tools, and the way things work as much as you can. But also accept the things you do not know. Roll with the flow of the game to accept what is presented. Then use the knowledge you have to leverage as much of the game as possible.

Thou Shalt Not Metagame

Metagaming is using knowledge or information that your character wouldn’t have in the game. This skews the story, the perspective, and how other players react in the game. Play your character only with the knowledge that your character has gained in the game.

Sure, it’s hard. But it’s important!

Thou Shalt Have Fun

The reason we game is to have fun. In the spirit of that primary goal, make sure to be polite, accepting, and engaged with the other players at the table.

Enjoy yourself and have fun with your friends!

Go Forth and Preach the 10 Commandments of RPG Gaming

There you have it: my 10 commandments for great RPG gaming. I’m sure there are other rules or guidelines that are important as well! What are your thoughts on these 10 Commandments of RPG Gaming? What commandments would you add? Comment below with your thoughts on our 10 Commandments of RPG Gaming.

Interested in 10 Commandments of RPG Gaming for video games? Here are some good rules to follow for video game rpgs.

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