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Iron Man Character Created in the Atomic RPG System

Iron Man Atomic RPG System CharacterWith all of the crazy superhero hype that is going on I decided to build Iron Man in the Atomic RPG System. This is to show an example of what can be done in the Atomic RPG System. Now this isn’t “the official Iron Man”. It is just one of any number of infinite examples anyone could make to create their own vision and version of Iron Man using the Atomic RPG System system.

With this particular build I based him mostly off of Avengers 2. In this Atomic RPG System build I created Iron Man with the idea that even if Tony Stark is out of his suit, it can be instantly summoned if trouble arrises. Some other options could be to create a Iron Man as a suit, and a second character that is Tony Stark. In this way you could switch between them during play. However, it is really unlikely that Iron Man will not be able to use his suit. That who Iron Man is! The technology that is available inside the suit is also available around Tony Stark. So I saw no real reason to separate the two.

Pull up Iron Man’s Character Sheet and follow along with this article: Iron Man Atomic RPG System Character Sheet

In my version of Iron Man he really is at the peak of skill and technology. It also lines up well with the lore I am trying to match, Avengers 2 (ish). I decided to create Iron Man at Level 18. I made Iron Man a Mystic (Mind Based, Mystic Powers Primarily), Protector (Favors Defense over Offense, Bonus to Defenses) who is Focused (Good at primary character concept with a variety of other abilities). Iron Man prefers to fight one or two enemies at long range when possible.

Iron Man Final Traits

  • Body – 7 (Several Offensive Combatant Powers)
  • Mind – 20 (Primary Focus)
  • Spirit – 2

For Iron Man’s Powers and Abilities I used a mix of items and Powers to create the overall Iron Man feel. There is any number of ways these can be combined. However, I like to have items cover things that are “always active” and Powers for things that a character does. This works out very well when it comes to the mechanics in the Atomic RPG System with this character.

Iron Man Items and Gear

Iron Man Atomic RPG System Items and GearAs a 5th Tier character I needed to have at least 5 items for this character to be complete.

  1. Arc Reactor – Increases Power Points so Iron Man has stronger Powers.
  2. Enhanced Servo Array – Grants increased Athletics and Reaction.
  3. Iron Man Armor – Grants Defense and Resistance.
  4. Iron Man Suit Jets – Ability to fly and move with incredible Speed.
  5. J.A.R.V.I.S. – Increase Attack, Combat Maneuvers, and Skills.

Besides his 5 main items I also added to Iron Man’s assets his Bugatti, Mansion, Tower, and a couple other things. I left the value of these assets at 1 as they really don’t have a real price tag that can be put on them. Nor could these assets be sold for what they would be worth. That also helped me watch the Total Wealth of Iron Man to make sure he stayed within a reasonable gear range for this character. The mid range for this is 1,125,000. Iron Man came in at 1,226,005 Total Wealth.

Iron Man’s Powers

Iron Man's PowersThis is always where I have the most fun, Powers! With the Atomic RPG System custom Power creation system players can do just about anything they want to with their characters. Here is what I decided to do with Iron Man.

Primary Discipline is Offensive Mystic

Going this route Iron Man will have Mystic effects on Powers that will harm enemies. This fits nicely into all of the lore of Iron Man blasting enemies with all kinds of different weapons.

At Will Power – Repulsor Rays – Damages 2 creatures that are far away. One for each hand.

  • Plasma Discharge – Moves the enemy and does damage in a small area.
  • Pulse Barrage – Does medium damage to small area.
  • Unibeam – Does lots of damage and moves the enemy.

Secondary Discipline is Offensive Combatant

With Iron Man’s second Discipline I decided to go with Offensive Combatant so he would be able to do damage and give enemies penalties to important combat stats.

  • Smart Missiles – Does low damage and reduces Defenses significantly f.
  • Tri-Beam – Separates Iron Man from up close enemies and does damage.

Tertiary Discipline is Defensive Mystic

Iron Man’s Tertiary Discipline is designed to be a way to heal and repair himself during battle. It also allows for some Powers to use in other situations.

  • Ally Communication – Can communicate with allies at a great distance.
  • Energy Shield – Increases Hit Points and offers a small ongoing Hit Point Healing effect.
  • Quick Repairs – Small Hit Point Healing for one creature. Either Iron Man or an ally.
  • Superior Surveillance – Gives the ability to see and hear at a great distance.

Iron Man’s Specialties

Iron Man's Atomic RPG System SpecialtiesTo round out Iron Man I gave him Specialties that enhance his abilities and shine a spotlight onto what he excels at.

  • Superior Defenses – Enhances Defenses
  • Superior Speed – Enhances Speed.
  • Lesser Ranged Combat -Slightly increases range for Powers.
  • Greater Damage Resistance – Enhances ability to take damage by increasing Resistance.
  • Improved Craft: Mystic Advanced Items – Ability to craft Advanced Items.
  • Greater Ignore Damage – Allows Iron Man to “shrug off” 40% of damage taken in one shot in a round.

Well that just about wraps up my Atomic RPG System version of a high level Iron Man character. Iron Man was a ton of fun to create. This character took about 2 hours to create all told. This includes researching Iron Man abilities, reading a bunch of lore, finding pictures, and creating items and Powers from scratch. I love the Atomic RPG System! It is so easy and just molds itself to whatever idea you want to apply it to.

Now onto the other Avengers. Who should be built next?

I’m sure there are things that you might have done different. What thoughts do you have for Iron Man? What would you change if this was your character? Post your build ideas below!

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